August 6, 2021


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In 5 governorates … 35,000 takaful insurance policies were delivered for irregular workers and small fishermen

During the past week, the Ministry of Manpower witnessed a number of activities and events at the labor level, among which were the delivery of 35,149 mutual insurance documents against personal accidents covering death, partial disability or permanent total disability, which were issued by the ministry to irregular workers and small fishermen in the governorates of Alexandria. And the lake, and the New Valley, Sohag, and Ismailia. A memorandum of understanding was signed in initials between the ministry and a company, to establish cooperation between the two sides and initiate an initiative to support Egypt’s vision in digital transformation, as the company introduces its pioneering program in training young capabilities to bridge the gap between providing talented engineers and the rapid demand for the requirements of information technology jobs. The Memorandum of Understanding also stipulates that the Ministry of Manpower will make maximum use of licensed trainers to train 5,000 young people within two years, and in the meantime the company grants 1,000 free


vouchers to enter the international certification exam to support the best 620 trainees in the first year, and 500 in the second year. Within the framework of the activities of his field trips to the governorates of Alexandria, Beheira and Ismailia, the minister handed over 148 work contracts for people of determination and determination provided by the Governorate’s Manpower Directorate from private sector companies. The Minister and Major General Mohamed El-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, launched the initiative “It works” for women sellers under the auspices of the National Council for Women, in cooperation with the Equality and Economic Empowerment Unit for Women in the Directorate of Manpower in Alexandria. Within the framework of his field tour activities in Alexandria, the minister handed over a carriage to female family sellers, in implementation of a plan to deliver 25 vehicles annually free of charge in support of businessmen in the governorate to create decent job opportunities for female family sellers, empower them economically, and improve their living conditions under the President’s initiative, “A Decent Life.” The Ministry directed to receive Egyptian workers returning from abroad, in order to inquire about the fields they wish to work in, and to provide career guidance for them to reintegrate them into the internal labor market by providing a suitable job opportunity for each of them or training them in the training centers affiliated with the Ministry to qualify them to obtain job opportunities available in the Egyptian market, and to assist them either Technically or financially to start a small project. In this context, the Manpower Directorate in Sohag, in cooperation with the Sohag branch of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, organized a training course in entrepreneurship entitled “Start Your Business” at the Sohag Vocational Training Center. The Manpower Directorate in Alexandria also organized the first training course, in the field of entrepreneurship, entitled “Start Your Business”, which was attended by 25 workers returning from abroad, in cooperation with the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency, and in the presence of Yasser Saeed, Director of the Directorate. The Minister and Major General Hisham Amna, Governor of Al-Buhaira, inaugurated the activities of the training course in entrepreneurship entitled “Start Your Business”, stressing that 64 workers out of 184 Egyptians returning from abroad have been contacted through the Manpower Directorate and the Enterprise Development Agency to implement presidential directives to help them work Projects within the governorate by holding training courses for specific periods of time within the framework of a prepared plan. The week’s harvest witnessed the delivery of the Minister, as part of his field visits to Ismailia Governorate, accompanied by the Governor, Major General Sherif Fahmy Bishara, with 18 certificates of free completion of training courses in the mobile training unit on the profession of detailing, dressmaking, plumbing, and household electricity maintenance.


The week’s harvest extended to include the appointment of 16 thousand and 809 young people, and the disbursement of grants for social and health care for irregular workers registered in the directorates of the workforce in the governorates of Dakahlia, New Valley, Beheira, Qalyubia, Cairo, Qena and Sharkia, amounting to one million and 500 thousand pounds, and the inspection of 4,303 establishments to implement the provisions of the law. In addition to issuing 11 thousand and 147 certificates to measure the level of skill, and a license to practice the craft for 11 thousand and 147 workers. The Labor Representation Office at the Egyptian Embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman, also succeeded in following up and settling the dues and expenses of the funeral of the heirs of 4 Egyptian citizens who died in the Kingdom of Jordan, totaling 12 thousand and 45 dollars, equivalent to approximately 188 thousand and 865 Egyptian pounds, and thus they receive monthly pensions from Through the Jordanian Social Security Corporation, the pensions were transferred to their beneficiaries on their bank accounts in Egypt. Haitham Saad Eddin, the official spokesperson and media advisor to the Ministry of Manpower, explained that the Minister of Manpower has assigned the Labor Representation Office in Jordan to follow up and settle the dues and funeral expenses of the heirs who died in Jordan who submitted their complaints in this regard in the framework of preserving the rights of Egyptian workers abroad, protecting and maintaining them and following up Dues and solve her problems up to date. The office was able to follow-up on the spot and the efforts made and interviews with officials of the Social Security Corporation in Jordan, and to complement what had been previously transferred, the list of 28 social security dues was transferred to about 214 Egyptian workers at the institution, who left Amman permanently. The minister said that the receivables amounted to 149 thousand and 727 dollars, equivalent to approximately 2 million and 343 thousand and 240 Egyptian pounds, and the office, in turn, communicates with the specialized company to transfer the rest of the dues to the workers who leave, under the auspices of the Egyptian ambassador to Jordan, Sherif Kamel. As for the Labor Representation Office at the Consulate General in Milan – Italy, it succeeded in collecting the rest of the financial dues of the Egyptian worker, “MEMH”, from the settlement of his dues with an Egyptian employer from Fayoum called “KSA.” It amounted to 4,000 euros, equivalent to approximately 176,000 Egyptian pounds, in addition to providing 25 job opportunities for existing Egyptians, as part of the office’s keenness to provide job opportunities for Egyptians, whether residing inside or outside Egypt. The Labor Representation Office at the Egyptian Consulate General in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was able to settle the problem of 7 Egyptian workers amicably, and their total dues amounted to 153 thousand 100 Saudi riyals, equivalent to approximately 639 thousand and 958 Egyptian pounds. The Labor Representation Office at the Egyptian Consulate General in the capital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, succeeded in settling a number of Egyptian labor complaints with business owners in the Kingdom to disburse their dues, which they submitted a complaint about, amounting to 367 thousand and 758 Saudi riyals, which is the equivalent of one million and 537 thousand and 228 pounds Almost Egyptian. Finally, the ministry’s labor representation office at the Egyptian embassy in Beirut was able to retrieve 1.

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