May 19, 2021


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Murder and erosion of values are increasing in the conflict of teenage gangs

Children are being killed for little things. At the same time, the number of murders has increased due to the dominance of teenage gangs. In the last 18 years alone, 120 people have been killed by juvenile offenders in Dhaka. Experts say children and adolescents are the victims of social degradation. Police say parents should also be responsible for crime control.

The mother bought bangles for her four-month-old daughter Sadia as a hobby. But after giving the broom, the garbage flew to the next room and the child was killed by slaughtering the two families in the center. His mother Morsheda Begum is still taking care of his clothes.

Statistics from various organizations show that 145 children died last year as a result of rape, attempted rape, murder, abduction, disappearance and torture. 448 children were killed in 2019 due to various trivial incidents. Experts say such crimes are not diminishing due to the erosion of social values.

Dhaka University Professor of Sociology. Anwar Hossain said, the source is elsewhere, there is nothing he can do. Extreme social isolation is a reflection of the storm that is raging in him.

Another terror is the teenage gang. In the last 18 years, 120 people have been killed in the senior-junior conflict in 40 areas of Dhaka, including Uttara, Mirpur and Badda. In the last two years, 34 people have died at the hands of juvenile delinquents.

Professor Sheikh Hafizur Rahman Curzon, a crime expert, told Samay Sangbad that inequality, poverty and many other problems in the society are a reflection of that, but it is through juvenile delinquency.

Police say they have been conducting regular raids to control juvenile delinquency in the last few years. Parents are urged to be more responsible.

Mashiur Rahman, deputy commissioner of the detective crime information department, said the law court, the police department is not enough, everyone in the family has to be persuaded to raise family values. In order to reduce this crime, a nation will be imprisoned if it is kept in jail just to be punished.

In the last one week, 5 teenagers have been killed by gangs in different parts of the capital and more than 6 children have been killed by adults across the country.