May 16, 2021


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Gifts given by Ayash are my best gift

Man is as big as his dream. And so he dreamed of becoming a fashion designer since childhood. He used to wear his own designed clothes since childhood. To fulfill that dream, she founded the fashion house ‘Adriana Exclusive’ five years ago with her own designed clothes. I was talking about entrepreneur and fashion designer Nazia Hasan Aditi More newsI am really fascinated by so much love and admiration: ApurbaSatisfied with the work, now it’s time to see: Apurba

This time Rishi Kaushik from Kolkata is with Apurba-Sabila
Monday is his birthday. On his birthday, he is being soaked in the greetings and love of many friends and fans outside the family. Even if you don’t have any special plans for your birthday, you will spend it with your family, especially with your only child Jayan Farooq Ayash.

On the occasion of her birthday, Nazia Hasan Aditi told Bangladesh Journal, “Familiar people are greeting me, I feel very good.” Every moment of them is getting soaked in love. Since the month of Ramadan is over the situation in the country will not go anywhere outside. Time will be spent at home with the family. I really like spending time with Ayash, I will stay with him. I will cook some fun food and make various items for Iftar. This is how time will pass. And especially since Eid is ahead, so now the business pressure is a little more. This pressure is making you forget your birthday.

Recounting funny memories of his birthday, he said that all his birthdays were very funny. April 1st, I was really excited when the 26th will come! I used to think of myself as a child until Ayash was born. And since I was relieved, I’m more excited about her birthday than my birthday.


He further said, “If I have any funny memories at this moment, I will say that there are various gifts given by Ayash on my birthday.” It is seen that Ayash took money from others in the family and gave me a very nice card as a gift. It also happened that he brought something from someone else and gave it as a gift to me. These gifts from him are the best gift for my birthday. Ayash is most excited about my birthday. He is more busy with how to surprise and give gifts to his mother.

Aditi is happy to celebrate her birthday in the month of Ramadan. “The month of Ramadan is very dear to me,” he said. It is a month of mercy. We are sinful servants; This month we have the opportunity to overcome them. I think that fasting and praying in the month of Ramadan is an addition to worship. But at the end of the month of Ramadan, when Eid comes, I cry a lot.

I have been fasting since I was little. I didn’t understand much then. At that time I used to think that fasting was more important than praying. I used to try to fast for thirty days. And especially at that time we cousins ​​used to compete and fast. By no means do I want to convey that I recommend for the mother to be inactive. I understood things when I was a little older. From then on, I try to pray five times a day, and when the month of Ramadan comes, I try to fast thirty times. If for any reason any prayer or fast is missed then I am very upset.

Has been working with Adriana Exclusive for five years. How much business has suffered due to the corona push? To such a question, Aditi said, I have built this organization little by little, which was my dream. Everything was going well but I got a big push because of Corona. The loss of business is irreparable. The collection I picked up last year cost me a lot of money due to the Corona outbreak. It may take me 3/4 years to recover from that loss. I thought if the outbreak of corona subsided, I might be able to overcome this year. But this year the outbreak increased. Even if it is a business loss, it has to be accepted and now it is more important to survive than business.

He added that now the second wave of taxes is going on. In the country, many clients outside the country are shopping more online. I am also trying to do everything online. Eid ahead, I have picked up many new collections for this again. From there, the pressure on me is much higher now. Meanwhile, the lockdown has been relaxed since yesterday, the showrooms have been opened. The gathering of people in the showroom is less now. And I don’t want that to increase. Now it is safe for everyone to shop online. In the case of online, if I don’t like the clothes of the customers, I will take it back. Because there is a difference between shopping directly and ordering online. Many times the color of the picture looks different! That’s why if the customers don’t like it, we try to return it and give the product of their choice. Then I don’t keep the delivery charge anymore.

Customers have a lot of complaints when it comes to online shopping. How do you solve them? Aditi replied, everyone likes my clothes. I have some customers who are always waiting for me to pick up a new collection! They are satisfied with my work. I also always look at the satisfaction of my customers. And there are only one or two complaints. Many people say that the color I saw in the picture is not the same color. A lot of the time the color goes a little sideways. All online traders have to face this complaint. In that case I try to deliver the product as per the choice of the customers. I do not compromise on customer satisfaction. I give them whatever they want.

He wrote three plays titled ‘Tumi Balle’, ‘Charu’s Marriage’ and ‘Rudra Asbe Bale’. No more plays were found after that. When will you be found in the new drama?

Aditi’s answer, Chhotab