May 17, 2021


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New boyfriend and Sravanti live in the same house

Tollywood actress Sravanti Chatterjee’s divorce from husband Roshan Singh is yet to be known. But in the meantime, the actress has got involved in a new love affair. An Indian media has published this news.Her boyfriend also lives in the same house where Sravanti lives. His name is Abhirup Nag Chowdhury. Businessman by profession. However, the age of this relationship is only one month. Referring to the matter, a source told the media, “It is not less than a month to pay attention. The owner of the bakery company loves to party. It can be understood by looking at his social media page. March 31 marked the first month of their relationship. That’s why they have a party to celebrate a month of relationship. ‘

Sravanti has a relationship with Abhirup. However, a person close to Sravanti thinks that it would not be right to call it a love affair now. He said, “Sravanti-Abhirup’s relationship is a friendship.” The time has not yet come to give the seal of love. But lately some events are giving another indication. Besides, Roshan and Sravanti are still legally married. ‘

According to the report, the media tried to talk to Sravanthi on her mobile phone but could not find her.

Although in the same residence, Sravanti, a resident of Tower Six, had no relationship other than the ‘Hi-Hello’ of another tower. Roshan left Sravanti’s flat and went back to his house. They did not meet after that. The heroine was living alone. Sravanti was busy with movies and gym at that time. There are rumors that there are economic reasons behind the break up of his relationship with Roshan. It is also heard in the industry that Sravanti had to take all the responsibility of the three exes. But in the case of Avirup, the matter is different. However, according to the heroine’s close friends, the Sravanti-Abhirup relationship is a friendship. It is not yet time to give the seal of love. But recent events suggest otherwise. Besides, Roshan and Sravanti are still legally married. When I tried to contact Sravanti more than once in this regard, at first she could not be found on the phone.

In 2019, Sravanti got married to Roshan for the third time. On April 19, 2019, he secretly tied the knot with Roshan Singh. In Chandigarh, India, their marriage was solemnized in the Punjabi manner. The couple’s life was going well after marriage. But Sravanti has not been with her husband Roshan since before the last Durga Puja.

Sravanti recently joined the BJP, India’s current ruling party. The actress has become a candidate in the assembly elections at Behala West Center. He is currently having a great time with the election campaign.