May 17, 2021


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Shubh-Faria is tax free

Amit Nath (Chittagong Metropolitan Representative) Actor Arifin Shuvo and actress Nusrat Faria have been freed from the epidemic corona virus. The news of the two of them being attacked came to light on December 12 this month. Then they said that they are in isolation. Arifin Shuvo and Nusrat Faria have both confirmed that their corona report is negative. Nusrat Faria told banglanews on Sunday that his corona report came negative last week. In the meantime I have returned to work. In a video message on Facebook on Sunday, Arifin Shuvo said, “I did the second test of Corona last night, it came back negative.” Many thanks to God. I’m out of Corona. There are two common problems in later

times. One is respiratory problems and physical weakness. I have these two. I have done all the necessary tests given by the doctor. I hope to get well soon. Thank you all for being by my side. Both Faria and Shubh said that they have been returning to shooting since the 2nd.

Ali Hossain Joy, a well-known model and actor, is going to make his debut in a new way of thinking by keeping the love of country alive in his mind even in the time of flowing instability. That is why he is working tirelessly for the success. And we know that hard work is the key to success. Having goals, objectives and the right diligence makes it easier to overcome any difficult task. Model and actor Ali Hossain Joy is on the path to success by using his goals and objectives and hard work. That is why this actor has a wide reputation in the media. His numerous plays, short films and musical films have been widely discussed in the media.

In its sequel, he got an offer for the film. He told us that the film is being made by Abir Mahmud, a talented director of this era. That’s why in the eyes of this newcomer actor, now it is just a dream of success. Ali Hossain Joy wants to work on this film with all his might. And he also wants the film to be widely discussed with his acting. Every human being has a dream and he tries to reach his goal by dreaming. So I have a dream and that is to enlighten myself on the movie screen. Gradually the dream will go far, he is confident in this matter. Success will come to me inshaAllah. For this he has wished blessings and cooperation to all.Entertainment Correspondent: Bilasi Multi Media House, one of the leading short film producers in the country, is coming soon. Short Film – Bikash 000,001 (Four Zero One) Inayana Elizabeth Costa-heroine, Shaisha Shahir, Jinat Sultana Poonam as mother, Ayan Chowdhury as assistant director, Makeupman-Faisal Ahmed Real, Lightman-Md. Mirza and many more. Luxury Multimedia House is the only reliable company for drama, short film, music, video, TVC, OVC.
Coming soon is the telefilm drama – a message from Titus to the public about illegal gas connections – stay away from illegal gas connections. On behalf of Bilasi Multi Media House, sincere congratulations to Titas Director Engineer Ali Iqbal Md. Nurullah. Greetings to everyone involved in the energy sector as well. Titas Director Engineer Ali Iqbal Md. Nurullah said, “Thanks to the authorities of Bilasi Multimedia House for taking such a public awareness initiative. Special thanks to director Yasin bin Aryan and producer Imran Hossain Mishu.