May 16, 2021


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The new song of ‘Radhe’ has been released, this time Jacqueline took the storm with Salman

After ‘City Mar’, Salman Khan’s new song ‘Dil De Diya’ from the movie ‘Radhe Your Most Wanted Brother’ has been released. Jacqueline Fernandez took the song by storm with Salman. Salman shared a teaser of the song on his Instagram on Thursday and said that the song will be released on Friday.‘City Mar’ has already been watched by more than 6 crore people. Disha Patani and Salman’s great dance captivated the hearts of the audience. Now just waiting for the movie to release.

The much awaited movie ‘Radhe: Your Most Wanted Brother’ will be released on May 13. For now, the countdown has started. The film will be seen on Corona Abe Cinema Hall as well as OTT platform ‘Ziplex’. Apart from Salman and Disha, two superstars like Randeep Huda and Jackie Shroff will also be seen in the movie. The movie is directed by Prabhu Deva.

Jannat Ara Jharna, who claims to be his second wife, has filed a case against Maulana Mamunul Haque, a prominent leader of Hefazat-e-Islam, under the Rape Act, alleging cheating and sexual intercourse. He filed the case with Narayanganj’s Sonargaon police station on Friday.

On April 3, Mamulul was blocked at the Royal Resort in Sonargaon with a fountain. In this situation, he has been claiming Jharna as his second wife in the face of widespread controversy. After the arrest, he could not show legal proof even though he demanded marriage by keeping witnesses in the contract.

After rescuing the missing fountain after the incident, the son and father made a general diary (GD) and the police rescued him from Mamunul’s sister’s house on Tuesday. After that, Jharna filed a case yesterday and demanded justice for Mamunul in front of the media. “My last words are, I want a fair trial from the state,” he said. I have been deceived a lot. ‘

Police officials said Jharna was examined at Narayanganj Sadar Hospital yesterday. Then he left with his eldest son Abdur Rahman. The report of the test will be available next Sunday, said Asaduzzaman, the hospital’s resident medical officer (RMO).

Narayanganj Additional Superintendent of Police (Crime) Amir Khasru said, “A case has been filed for two years for having sexual relations by showing the temptation of marriage.”

In the statement of case, Jharna said, ‘Mamunul Haque had a physical relationship with me by showing the temptation of marriage. For two years at different times in Dhaka and its environs, he satisfies his sexual desires by promising marriage in various hotels and resorts known to him. When it comes to marriage, he keeps wasting time on various excuses.

In a statement on the resort incident, Jharna said, “He had a physical relationship with me at the Sonargaon Royal Resort in Narayanganj on April 3 last. While there, the local people suddenly arrested us and wanted to know our identity. I got angry with the people for not being able to give a good answer. Later, Mamunul’s followers attacked the resort and took us away. ‘

The statement said, “Mamunul did not allow me to go to the rented house on North Circular Road and forcibly detained me at the house of one of his acquaintances when there was a storm of criticism across the country.” I could not communicate with my relatives at that time. At one stage, I tactfully contacted my eldest son Abdur Rahman and told him about my plight and asked him to take legal recourse to free me from captivity. ‘

Regarding her acquaintance with Mamunul, Jharna said, “I met Mamunul in 2005 as a close friend of my ex-husband Shahidul Islam. Before that our marriage was very happy. Mamunul used to travel freely to our house as a close friend of her husband. His greedy gaze fell on me from the beginning of the introduction. As a result, in the midst of petty worldly disagreements, he tactfully began to create distance between our husbands and wives. His intrigue poisoned our marriage. The divorce took place on August 10, 2016 on the advice of Mamunul.

The statement added, “After the separation, I (Jharna) became family, socially and financially helpless. Taking advantage of my helplessness, Mamunul persuaded me to come to Dhaka in the name of cooperation. I relied on a scholar and moved to Dhaka with him in good faith. After coming to Dhaka, in the beginning he kept me in the house of various followers of his acquaintance and kept on giving me bad proposals in various ways. At one point I was forced to give in to his temptation because of my surroundings. Following his advice, I started renting a sublet in a house on North Circular Road in Kalabagan and started working in a beauty parlor arranged by him. ‘

In the name of anti-Modi movement, after the reckless violence in Brahmanbaria and Hathazari of Chittagong, including the capital, a brawl started with Mamunul in the resort. Mamunul Haque was arrested from Mohammadpur on April 17. After a seven-day remand in one case, he is now on a seven-day remand in two cases. During the interrogation, Mamunul demanded a contract marriage with another woman besides Jharna. However, there is no legal proof of these marriages or marriage registration. On April 11, Abdur Rahman, the eldest son of Jharna, lodged a GD with the Paltan Police Station seeking rescue of his mother. Jharna’s father Oliar Rahman lodged a GD with Kalabagan police station last Monday to rescue his daughter. Later on Tuesday, DB police rescued Jharna from the house of Mamunul’s sister Dilruba in Mohammadpur.