June 20, 2021


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Shakib’s curious look, ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’ has started shooting

Finally, the camera was opened for the much talked about movie ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’. The filmmakers think that a film of another dimension is going to be made by the hand of producer Tapu Khan. The look of the heroine has already been praised. Especially in the presence of the trio as Bubili made a mystery.

The masterpiece of the film was at 11 am today, Shakib Khan arrived at 1 pm. Two hours late. Naturally, the organizers were behind the formality of Mahrat. Not only that, journalists were also banned from opening their cameras during the event, which resulted in the media workers avoiding the Maharat event. Many have expressed outrage at the plan.

Shakib Khan starrer ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’ will be screened at a shooting house in Uttara. That is how the journalists were invited by the production company. Naturally all the arrangements were ready but Shakib Khan arrived at 11:49 and went straight to the makeup room. Then he came out and came to Maharatasthala at 12:56. Shakib sat on the seat less than 2 minutes and 2 hours later.

After the discussion, Shakib-Bubli cut the ribbon and completed the masterpiece of the film.

However, Shakib’s presence gave a different message. The possibility that has been created about the producer Tapu Khan, as if Shakib gave his advance message. Weight loss will be followed by fatigue and constant tiredness. As a result, it seems that Shakib’s presence in the film will create a lot of curiosity.

The signing of the new film ‘Leader, I am Bangladesh’ was held at a press conference at Bengal Multimedia Studio in Tejgaon on February 18 this year. Directed by Tapu Khan. Shakib Khan and Bubli will be seen in this movie.

Bubli appeared in a collage of three photos on Monday. The actress is seen in different outfits in all the three films. In the pictures, she has appeared in ordinary salwar-kameez, western and sari, from which the fans are guessing that the heroine is coming to the audience in different forms in this movie. Earlier, Shakib Khan’s first look was released on May 21. Where this top hero of Dhaka cinema appeared in a new form.

The shooting of the film has started today at Uttara Shooting House in the capital.
A few weeks before the start of the Olympic Games, the United States issued a maximum warning about travel to Japan. According to a report in the BBC, the US administration has warned its citizens about this.

The BBC report further said that Olympic officials in the United States think that their country’s athletes will be able to participate in the Olympics without any hindrance.

The US State Department issued a fourth warning to US citizens traveling to Japan on Monday, local time.

A fourth level of warning is issued for U.S. citizens traveling to any country.

More than 700,000 people have been diagnosed with coronavirus in Japan so far, and at least 12,000 have died.