July 30, 2021


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Top 5 TV News: Manish Raisinghan on the news of Avika Gaur having a child: Me and my wife laughed out loud

  • After Avika Gaur, Manish Raisinghan broke his silence on the news of the affair.
  • Nisha Rawal has shared her photo with her son Kavish.
  • Ashnoor Kaur replied to the troller on social media

Mumbai . The news of the affair of TV serial Sasural Simar Ka actress Avika Gaur and Manish Raisinghan was in the headlines. Avika had given her explanation in this matter. Now Manish told what was the reaction of his wife to these news. On the other hand, Anupama has broken her silence regarding factionalism on the sets of the serial. Know today’s big news of TV world.

After clarifying Avika Gaur, now Manish Rajsinghan said in a conversation with Times of India, ‘This is the stupidest thing I heard about Avika and my friendship. Can’t two people be good friends? Is it necessary to always be in a relationship? I am 18 years older than him. At the same time, my wife Sangeeta Chauhan laughed loudly after hearing Avika that I had a child. Manish is married to Sangeeta and Avika is in a relationship with Milind Chandwani these days.

Nisha Rawal shares daughter’s photo
Karan Mehra’s wife Nisha Rawal has shared the photo of her son Kavish on social media. In the photo, she is seen feeding her son. In the second photo, Nisha Rawal is seen smiling at Kavish. Along with the photo, Nisha wrote, ‘Normal life seems like a challenge now. I agree to it.’ Let us tell you that in the past, it was the fourth birthday of Nisha and Karan Mehra’s son.

Ashnoor Kaur Responds to Troller
Popular child actress of TV Ashnoor Kaur has given a befitting reply to the troller on social media. In Ashnoor Kaur’s question and answer session, a user wrote that her song ‘Kya Karoon’ and she herself is obscene. Ashnoor Kaur wrote in response, ‘Sir first thing, the song Kya Karoon is not obscene. Where did you see the Vulgar scene? Is this the obscenity of your thinking and eyes? If yes, please change it. It will be good for you.’

Rupali Ganguly breaks silence
on the news of rift on the sets of Anupama TV serial Rupali Ganguly has broken her silence. Rupali has shared a meme on her Insta story. It is written in the meme, ‘Whatever you hear about me, please believe it. I don’t have time to explain myself. If you want, you can also add something from your side. However, Sudhanshu Pandey did not give any reaction on this entire controversy.

Rahul Vaidya said on marriage Rahul Vaidya  
is shooting for Khatron Ke Khiladi 11 in Cape Town these days. Talking to ETimes, Rahul Vaidya has revealed on marriage. Rahul said that due to the Corona epidemic, he has taken his marriage plan with Disha ahead many times.

Rahul wants all the loved ones to attend the wedding but can invite only 25 guests due to Corona rules. In such a situation, he has taken the marriage plan ahead.