September 25, 2021


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When will everything be the same again

It was thought that the outbreak of the deadly coronavirus, a deadly disease that began in 2019, would abruptly end. Life will be ‘normal’ again. Although the rate of infection and death has decreased a little, it has not stopped yet. However, politicians say the light is visible at the end of the tunnel. As the US President has said, the situation will return to normal before their country’s next Independence Day (July 4). The reason for this optimism is that many vaccines have come on the market and are widely used. But in practice it is seen that Delhi is far away. Even in a free country like Singapore, aviation has not been opened yet. In that country, the 14-day quarantine order is still in force for all foreigners, regardless of test or vaccination.

Not only in our country, but also where the incidence of corona has decreased and restrictions on living have been relaxed, corona has attacked again. Again quarantine measures have been imposed. England, Germany, Italy are no exception. In many European countries, including Bangladesh, the number and death of corona patients has increased. Some have called it the third wave of the corona.

The optimism that was created about the vaccine has also waned a bit. People are being infected, even dying, after being vaccinated. That is what happened in the case of an MP in Bangladesh. Added to this is the politics of vaccination. Discovery companies and the country’s business interests have become one.

Questions have been raised about the effectiveness of the vaccine and its effects. In particular, its use has been suspended in 15 countries around the world, including Germany, France and Italy, following questions about blood clots after the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine. The UK government and vaccine companies have claimed that their vaccines have nothing to do with blood clots. In this situation, even the World Health Organization is struggling in the role of referee. Added to this is that in some countries the ticker has not yet reached at all. In some countries, only one type of vaccine is being used. All in all, it is now a situation where no one can swear that when everything will be the same again or not at all.

The virus of inequality

A report by Oxfam, an international humanitarian organization, entitled “The Virus of Inequality” said that over-the-counter business has created good opportunities. As a result, the rich became richer during the Corona period. During this time the total wealth of the 10 richest people in the world has increased to 540 billion US dollars. For example, in 2020, the wealth of Gautam Adani of neighboring India has increased by 30.4 billion US dollars.

The disease of the rich

According to a study, the coronavirus rate in Dhaka’s Karail slum is only 7 percent. But there are two toilets for every 100 residents. None of the residents wear masks. It has been found that those who do not wear shirts, shoes and walk in sunlight and open nature have higher immunity. People who live in an air-conditioned environment, do not come in contact with sunlight and eat artificially preserved foods are more likely to be infected with corona. So many have described it as a disease of the rich.

Poverty growth

A BRAC study found that extreme poverty in Corona has increased by 60 percent. As a result of the corona, the income of the lower class in Bangladesh has decreased by 75% and the number of extreme poverty has increased by 70%. According to the same survey, 72 percent of them have lost their jobs or lost their income. He is being deprived of wages even though he has 8 percent work. During the survey, 14 percent of people had no food at home and 29 percent had one to three days of food. The government’s emergency relief has reached only 4 percent of the people.

Revenge of nature

Some say the virus is just a revenge of nature. Attacks around the world, social and economic inequality, lawlessness have been blamed for this. Therefore, it does not seem that the problem can be solved and the death procession can be stopped only by vaccinating and treating the infected without solving these problems. In this case overall social treatment will be required.

New normal

So we have to go back to the ‘new normal’ without thinking of going back to the ‘as before’ state. The main basis of which will be following the hygiene rules. Everything that is unnecessary has to be cut off from life. Unnecessary use of air-conditioning equipment, consumption of artificially preserved food and tourism should be avoided and social resources should be used in a moderate and balanced manner. The earth only needs to move away from our idea and follow the principle of coexistence with all birds, animals and reptiles. Instead of a person-centered life, we need to go back to a larger family and group life as before. This is the lesson from the disease resistance of Karail slum. Recently, a policy has been introduced to follow the policy of ‘urban facilities in villages’ as well as ‘rural facilities in cities’. Some of them have already started it. Roof farming is just the beginning of all this in urban life. For this, architects, city planners and technologists have to work together.

Let’s end with Leo Tolstoy’s short story ‘How much land does a person need’. The story begins with a debate between two sisters about ‘urban life is better than rural life’. The protagonist of the story, the husband of the younger sister, the protagonist of the story, the farmer Paham, says that he is completely happy in the village. But if he got more land, he would not care about the devil. Upon hearing this, the devil plotted to destroy Paham’s life. According to Satan’s plan, Paham became addicted to making money and gaining more land by trickery.

At this time Paham received news of the fertile land of the remote Bashkir community. The Bashkirs are a little pleased. So they spend their lives effortlessly with the food that is produced with a little effort. As a result, many lands remain uncultivated. Paham gives the gift of Bashki. The Bashkirs agreed to sell the land to Pahm for one thousand rubles. They say that Pham will own as much land as he can go around in one day. Paham comes out at sunrise. So that it can occupy most of the land within the stipulated time. For this he occasionally marked his journey with a shovel. When the sun came up, he was a long way from where he started. Despite the fatigue of the journey, he kept running. Because, if he cannot return to his previous place as per the conditions given by Bashkirs, he will not get any land. He arrives at the starting point at the appointed time, but then dies of exhaustion. A servant of Paham buried him in a six-foot-long grave.

We need to change our current ‘paham lifestyle’. If not, even if we get out of the current crisis, we will have to fall into the crisis again.


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