July 25, 2021


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Siam spends his birthday with that fear

Actor Siam Ahmed spends his birthday with his family. Occasionally there are exceptions. It has become a normal thing to have an affair with wife Abanti while she is at home. Each time the event is triggered by an out-going center. The two are in a dilemma as to where to go. At least 15 places have to be fixed but at the end you have to go somewhere around the house. When it came to his birthday, Abanti was confused about where to go with Siam, said Siam himself.

There are four Siams in the family — he, mother, father and wife. In the last few years, his fans have become part of the actor’s family. When the birthday came, they cut the cake and celebrated the day. They have opened a group on Facebook about Siam. They posted pictures of the birthday celebration there. Many came from far and wide to meet Siam. Fans brought with them various gifts. Siam said he is fascinated by the love of the fans. This is his biggest achievement as an actor. But sometimes he gets annoyed with the fans. “Most of my fans study,” Siam said. Where will they get the money? For this I forbid them to bring anything. I get annoyed a lot of the time. Despite the request, they lovingly brought flowers, chocolates and many other things, but I couldn’t return them. I understand that they consider me a part of the family. ‘Not only the fans, but also the family members surprised Siam in various ways on his birthday.

However, the birthday of 2017 was like a nightmare for Siam. For the first time, he was away from the service. He was staying in the United Kingdom to study. His future wife made a cake in Dhaka. Abanti cut the cake with her future mother-in-law in a video call. Siam became very emotional that day. I cried a lot. Friends from Seba London took the cake to Newcastle. Siam said that after driving for about 16 hours, his friends went to cut the cake with Siam. They also had exams the next day. “I will never forget this love of friends,” Siam said.

Siam Ahmed recalled one of his birthdays in college life. He used to teach students. Seba’s parents did not greet him on his birthday. Maybe forgot. At that time he was not interested in celebrating birthdays. I thought the day would be cut off like ten normal days. But that birthday has become the most memorable birthday of his life. “Before the day was over, my parents gave me an envelope,” Siam said. Inside it was some money and some advice on a piece of paper. That is still an invaluable asset in my life. ‘

Realization of fasting on birthday, what will happen tomorrow? What will everyone stay with! Many of the relatives are getting older. The epidemic is going on. He has an expectation on his birthday, so that he can celebrate the next birthday with everyone. Siam is now busy with regular shooting. He has several movies in his hands including ‘Damal’, ‘Ittefaq’, ‘Paran’, ‘Operation Sundarbans’, ‘Adventure of Sundarbans’.