June 23, 2021


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The dream of Abraham Lincoln’s death has come true

‘I woke up to the sound of crying. To find out where the sound was coming from, I walked to the East Room of the White House. Put a corpse there to mourn. The guards surrounded the body. Many people have come to mourn. But everyone’s face is covered. I asked a guard, “Who’s dead?” The guard said that the president was killed by the assassin. Then I woke up when someone in the crowd started shouting and crying. ‘This is how Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States, described a dream he had. Just a few days before he was assassinated by an assassin on April 14, 185, he told his friend Ward Hill Laman about the dream.

There was a storm of discussion and criticism about this story at that time. So did Lincoln get an early warning of his own death? Then why he was not careful? Laman added that Lincoln had said that since in the dream, he was alive, so the corpse in the dream could not be his. So he did not pay attention to that dream. He did not attach much importance to any such dream, but enjoyed it. He commented on these dreams as ridiculous. Lincoln does not seem to have believed the prophecy. Because, he said, ‘the best way to think about the future is to create the future.’ However, a few days later, Lincoln was shot dead by John Wilkes Booth and his body was laid to rest in the White House East Room.

Laman’s strange claim first came to light 20 years after Lincoln’s death. An article was published in National Geographic magazine quoting Laman. Many view Laman’s statement with suspicion. Many people think that Laman has exaggerated and added color to the story. Even if Laman’s claim is untrue, there is no way to deny that Lincoln loved to search for the meaning of dreams. He once wrote in a letter to his wife, Mary Lincoln, “Put Tad’s (son’s) pistol away. I had a bad dream about Todd.”

This is not the first time that Abraham Lincoln has dreamed of death. On the day he was killed, he told several members of his cabinet that he had dreamed he was going somewhere by boat. Lincoln said he had seen the dream more than once.

William H. Crook was one of Lincoln’s bodyguards. Lincoln said goodbye to Crook on the night of his death, saying “good bye,” which is unusual. Lincoln would always say goodbye to Crook. That first Lincoln was saying, ‘Good bye’. With this information, Crook indirectly questions whether Lincoln knew he would die tonight.

Whether there was a mystery surrounding Lincoln, or whether the mystery was repeatedly shared with Lincoln, is still being discussed. But people like mysteries, and that’s not the reason for this discussion.

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