July 25, 2021


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Pooja Cheri has risked her life

The third movie of the Siam-Puja duo is ‘Shan’. The work of this movie directed by M Rahim has been completed recently. It is heard that ‘Shan’ may be released on the coming Eid. Pooja has played the role of ‘Riya’ in the movie.
On Wednesday (March 31), he posted a long status on his Facebook. He wrote about his passion for the movie. Optimistic worship with the movie ‘Shan’. He thinks that after watching this movie of Siam-Puja duo, the viewers will say that it is better than the previous two movies.

Pooja wrote at the beginning of the status, I do not understand how to start. I thought I would write something about ‘Shan’. But sitting down to write is all confusing. How many memories have been accumulated with ‘Shan’. I know everyone is interested in this movie. There is a lot of labor and hardship behind every movie. I worked at the risk of my life for a good movie. ‘

The talented heroine of Dhaliwood further writes, “We started the movie ‘Shan’ about a year and a half ago. Sometimes in this gap, the producer could start and release the movie again if he wanted. But he did not. This is his first movie. He wanted to make a good quality, good budget, good story movie, to release at a big festival like Eid. It seems to us that Shan is the proper Eid movie.

Actor Siam was injured in the shooting of this movie. In his own status, he has written in this context, there are very few people who do anything at the risk of their lives. In the movie ‘Shan’, Siam Ahmed has taken a lot of risks just to give a good shot. I took too. Our entire unit has taken the risk. Just for a good shot.