June 23, 2021


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Anushka Sharma has returned to work

Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma has returned to work after becoming a mother. She gave birth to a baby girl at a Mumbai hospital on the afternoon of January 11. Then he was busy with fitting himself and the newborn girl.
Anushka has started the second innings of her career by working on a new advertisement. That picture has spread in the net world. The actress is seen in a white shirt and denim jeans in the photo. He also had a mask on his face. Anushka has taken part in the filming according to the rules of corona.

Anushka was last seen with Shah Rukh Khan in the movie ‘Zero’. Although he did not act after that, he was busy with his own production work. The latest Anushka production is the movie ‘Bulbul’. ‘Bulbul’ has been released on Netflix.

Virat-Anushka’s only child is named ‘Vamika’. Virat-Anushka has been in a tough position to publish her daughter’s picture from the beginning. They said earlier, keep the newborn girl away from the social world. And that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Priya Aman set foot in the show holding the hand of producer Tanmoy Tansen. Besides acting in dramas and telefilms, he has also worked in advertisements. He also had a lot of possession in the presentation. Priya Aman was also seen in a movie titled ‘Invisible Enemy’.

The actress had recently spread rumors of her death. He later said that his Facebook had been hacked. Rumors of death have been spread from there. On March 21, Priya Aman recovered her ID and informed about her recovery.

This time the actress has announced to quit acting. He made the announcement through his Facebook status. Priya Aman wrote on Tuesday (March 30), ‘Brothers and sisters, friends and my dear journalist brothers, director friends who do not know where I am. This status is for those who are calling me for work. I am in London now. Alhamdulillah I am fine. I hope to come to Bangladesh in December. ‘

He further writes, ‘If the situation in Corona is good, everyone will be met inshaAllah. The work of the acting world will probably not be done anymore, but I will love the acting world, love death. Thank you. ‘

Priya Aman did not say anything clear in the status about the reason why the actress is leaving acting. He sent a message on Facebook to know about this but no reply came.