July 25, 2021


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After watching the movie trailer of Dighi, the viewers are asking for MB’s money back!

The crew had high hopes for director Delwar Jahan Jhantu’s ‘Tumi Acho Tumi Nei’. The director also hoped that, You Are You, You Won’t Be His Most Successful Movie. However, after the release of the trailer and poster, no match was found with these statements.

Although 23 hours have passed since the release of the trailer on Jazz Multimedia’s YouTube channel, there have been no positive comments. The comment box has been criticized by the viewers.

One person commented, you need to be ashamed. You are leading the industry to destruction by making these nonsense movies. Another wrote, this is a movie trailer! Honorable Director would like to return my MB.

One wrote that the journey of the 90’s was even better. Condemn those who are destroying Bengali films ….

Dighi is also most disappointed with the film. Dighi, which is at the peak of its popularity as a child artist, has disappointed the viewers as much as it was expected.

Delwar Jahan Jhantu is a well-known director of Dhaka cinema. Undoubtedly, he is the creator of many hits and successful films. This Jhantu has created ‘Tumi Acho Tumi Nei’, where Dighi is becoming the heroine for the first time.

Mehzabin Chowdhury is a very popular actress in Bengali drama. He is discussed by acting in different looks one after another. Mehzabin has also made a place in the hearts of the audience by playing a different character in each play.

A picture of Mehzabin has spread on social media. So that he has been seen in a completely new look. A part of his body with a head wrapped in a scarf. It is understood that she is a veiled girl.

Many of Mehzabin fans have used this picture on their Facebook profiles. Mehjabin also discussed this film in the group of Bengali dramas. Fans have praised the look of the actress. As well as waiting for the play.

It has been found out that Mehzabin will be seen in the play ‘Mohabbat’. Afran Nisho is opposite him. The play is directed by Rubel Hasan and scripted by Mezbah Uddin Sumon. The play has been made under the banner of production company CMV. The play will be aired on CMV’s YouTube channel in the first week of April, said SK Shahed Ali Pappu, head of the company.

As can be seen in the story, Afran Nisho, a talented young man from Mofasbal town. He hangs out with friends all day and teases girls. On the other hand, Mehjabin is the worthy daughter of Haji Sahib. Everything except the two eyes is on the screen. Nishor looked at that Mehjabin. That’s when the obstacle hit. The story goes on.

Regarding the play, Rubel Hassan said, “We always see so many characters in the village or in the town of Mofasbal. I hear more negative stories about these characters. However, I have tried to highlight a special aspect through this drama. As much as it has a different story, it also has a great message for the audience. ‘