September 23, 2021


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The reasons why Bollywood cannot stand

Following Hollywood and Bollywood, Dhaka’s film industry is called Dhaliwood. Only those concerned can realize how much it has been established as an industry in general. In the vast and open market of world cinema, Bangladeshi cinema seems to exist only considering ‘participation is the big thing’. Again, some people think that Bangladeshi cinema has advanced a lot. The results will be available soon.

Dhaka cinema was once acceptable to all sections of the country. However, the competition stopped when foreign pictures stopped coming. In the age of obscenity and cut-pieces, the traditional rule of watching movies with the family sitting in the theater is broken. From then on, the decline of cinema began. Sighing in this context, senior director Kazi Hayat said, “We have lagged behind in cinema as far as we were concerned. No one can advance without competition. We did not enter the competitive market. We should have opened the market. We have locked ourselves in the house. ‘He also admitted that there are less talented screenwriters, producers and directors for today’s situation.

Movie production has declined comparatively. The standards and numbers are so low that many theaters have had to close one by one. People are gradually leaning towards foreign language movies. Besides, people have been stunned by the series dubbed in Bengali by countries like Iran and Turkey. Producers say that Bangladeshi cinema is not progressing because there is not enough budget, not enough artists, not enough halls to run.

As far as we were ahead in the movie, we were behind. No one can advance without competition. We did not enter the competitive market. We should have opened the market. We locked ourselves inside the house
Kazi Hayat
Producers are not satisfied with the technical facilities of making movies in the country. It has been learned from the directors of popular and award-winning movies in the past that many people bring songs, background music, dubbing, editing, color correction, poly sound from India. Although it has almost all the benefits of FDC. One producer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, “There is a lack of professionalism in Bangladesh. That’s why I don’t have enough confidence to do these things in Dhaka. ‘

Indian Bengali cinema has become attractive to the audience of this country due to its excellence in production. It can be said that Bangladesh is a good market for West Bengal cinema. Maybe that is why Shakib Khan, Jaya Ahsan and Mosharraf Karim from Dhaka are working in West Bengal according to the rules. However, the star artists there are also regularly found in Dhaka cinema.

Although film production has declined, there are several active film associations within the FDC. Although they are not regular in production, the producers’ association is continuing their organizational activities. The board of directors elected on Friday. Besides, there is an artist association. These associations hold regular elections, picnics and meetings. However, their members are rarely seen in movies. In this context, they will work as soon as the director’s statement, cinema hall and environment return.

Archived by Netflix
On the other hand, the light of hope is shining even in the closed condition of the cinema and the dilapidated condition of the cinema. The online streaming platform has started its journey as a new stage of cinema. Viewers can enjoy movies from these platforms while sitting at home. The companies are spending enough money on making, buying and marketing movies. Some of the Bangladeshi manufacturers have started signing success here. In the meantime, pictures of Dhaka’s producers have started taking place for exhibition in international festivals.

In the context of Bangladeshi films, producer Mostafa Sorayar Farooqi told Prothom Alo, ‘Our cinema is facing the impossible with many possibilities. We have a huge and diverse audience, ready to watch a variety of movies. There are great talented young filmmakers. But we are still facing unequal sensors. The era of Netflix, but a strict sensor for us! We have not been able to take multiplexes to big cities yet. If these two problems are solved, the movie will not have to reach out to anyone else. ‘