August 6, 2021


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Teaser of Siam-worship ‘Shan’ on Film Day

Saturday (April 3) is National Film Day. And on this special day, the teaser of Siam Ahmed-Pooja Cheri’s ‘Shan’ movie is being released. The first look teaser of the upcoming Eid movie ‘Shan’ will be released at night.

Produced by Azad Khan, the film also stars Taskin Rahman, Champa, Aruna Biswas, Misha Saudagar and many more.

Sean’s teaser will be available on production company Philman Entertainment’s YouTube channel and Facebook page, as well as distributor Jazz Multimedia’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

The teaser of the first film directed by M Rahim is also being released simultaneously on the official YouTube channel and Facebook page of the lead actor-actress Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cheri Roy. Before the release of the teaser, the ‘Shan’ team will appear live on the Facebook page at 8 pm. There will be a chat with the audience as well as answers to various questions. After that, the live chat will end by releasing the teaser at 8:30.

Pooja Cheri Roy, the heroine of the film, said, “Shan” is just like the Eid film should be. Story, screenplay, direction, song, acting of all – all such pictures have never been seen in Bangladesh before. This is the first time that Siam will be seen in a completely action-packed role. Siam and other actors of the film have taken part in the fighting scene under the direction of Bollywood action director Abbas Ali Mughal.

Director M Rahim and producer Azad Khan did not skimp on their first film, said Pooja Cheri.

Actor Siam said that the teaser of ‘Shan’ has been as it should be. Some questions will be created. Curiosity will be created. It will be revealed a little more in the trailer. And later from the day of Eid, the 3rd picture of Siam-Puja duo ‘Shan’ will be seen.

Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cheri have taken this risk for the film ‘Shan’ directed by M Rahim. Siam Ahmed and Pooja Cheri are known as the popular couple in Dhaliwood. They took part in a song scene while standing 200 feet above the sea level on the stairs of the ship.

It is known that the intellect of standing at a height of 200 feet and taking part in the scene is Siam-puja. The filming of ‘Shan’, produced by Philman Entertainment, was arranged on a Bay-One pleasure boat from Chittagong to St. Martin. No one including director, producer Azad Khan, dance director Jaish Pradhan of India was getting courage in it. Because a little forgetfulness could be a big danger.

Saiful Shaheen filmed the song titled ‘I will adapt like you’ from the movie ‘Shan’ which is awaiting release on the ship. This song is sung by Kona and Imran Mahmudul. Screenplay and dialogue written by Nazim Ud Daula. The story of the film is by producer Azad Khan.

Director M Rahim said that ‘Shan’ will be released on the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. The teaser of the film will be released on the YouTube channel and Facebook page of Philman Entertainment on April 3 at 8:30 pm on Bangladesh Film Day. The teaser can also be seen on the distributor Jazz Multimedia’s YouTube channel and Facebook page.

Apart from Siam-Puja, the film also stars Taskin Rahman, Syed Hasan Imam, Champa and Aruna Biswas.