September 26, 2021


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The experience of working with them is great – Saberi Alam

Talented actress Saberi Alam is busy with dramas, movies and advertisements. His new web film ‘If But Still’ was released on OTT platform G5 on April 1. It is directed by Shihab Shaheen. Meanwhile, Saberi’s performance in the film is being appreciated. How are you all together? The actress said, I am quite good. But time is running out in the middle of busyness. The movie ‘If But Still’ starring you has just been released. Why do viewers watch this movie? Saberi Alam replied, “Needless to say, Shihab’s work is always up to standard.”
There is nothing new to say. He is very skilled in romantic-comedy. Since it is a solid love story, it will be quite interesting for people of one age. Family ties and friendships come together nicely in this movie. Somewhere or other someone will be able to match the story at any age. At the age I am now, I can match as a mother. I can match the emotions I had when I was young. How was the work experience here? Saberi Alam said, all my co-stars were excellent actors and actresses. The experience of working with them is great. Especially wonderful as a co-artist. Nusrat Faria is a hard worker. As you know, there were many obstacles during the shooting. Shihab fell ill. After the shooting, Apurba and Farrier were corona. Then the shooting was stopped for a long time. Long journey. Which was supposed to end long ago. I really want people to watch this movie. Because everyone has worked hard. Many viewers complain that now only love is shown in dramas and movies. Lack of heterogeneous stories. What do you say about this? Saberi Alam said yes. It’s true that heterogeneous stories we get less. But manufacturers are becoming aware of the shortcomings they are talking about. They are emphasizing on involving the family.