July 25, 2021


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Find out the amount of Raj-Shubhsree’s property

Entertainment Desk: Tollywood director Raj Chakraborty is contesting from Barakpur constituency on behalf of Trinamool in the Assembly elections. He is currently busy campaigning. On March 31, Raj submitted his nomination papers to the Election Commission. And it is known that the amount of property of Raj-Shubhshree.

According to the affidavit, the annual income of Raj Chakraborty in the financial year 2019-20 is 54 lakh 26 thousand 960 rupees. In the financial year 2018-19, his annual income was 60 lakh 96 thousand 630 rupees. In the affidavit, Raj’s wife Tollywood actress Shubhshree Ganguly also gave an account of her income. It is known that in the financial year 2019-20, Shubhshree’s annual income is 1 crore 17 lakh 22 thousand 60 rupees.

At the time of submission of nomination papers, Raj had Rs 25,908 in cash. And Shubhshree had 15 thousand 720 rupees. Raj Chakraborty has a total of Rs 1,11,835 in his HDFC Bank account at Jodhpur Park. He has a total of 8 bank accounts. Besides, Raj and Shubhshree have several fixed deposit and life insurance policies.

Shubhshree has 16 grams of gold jewelery. Its market value is 52 lakh 33 thousand 63 rupees. Raj has two cars. The price of the Volvo brand car bought in 2019 is 80 lakh 26 thousand 491 rupees. The price of Tata Nexon car bought in 2016 is 6 lakh 64 thousand 538 rupees. In all, Raj has immovable property worth 3 crore 39 lakh 31 thousand 65 rupees. Shubhshree has a total movable property of 5 crore 55 lakh 8 thousand 996 rupees.

Raj Chakraborty grew up in Halishahar. He has a land of 13503 square feet there. Its current market value is 6 lakh 63 thousand 332 rupees. Raj has an office of 1410 square feet in Rajdanga. The price of which is 1 crore 75 lakh 36 thousand 480 rupees. In 2010, Raj bought a flat in a luxury apartment in Kolkata. He lives there with his wife Shubhshree. The current market value of this 18 sq ft flat is 4 crore 35 lakh 63 thousand 312 rupees.

Raj also has a huge debt burden on his head. His home loan is 1 crore 4 lakh 69 thousand 975 rupees. Carlon has 47 lakh 69 thousand 430 rupees. The manufacturer also has a personal loan. Raj’s total debt is 1 crore 61 lakh 49 thousand 36 rupees.