July 31, 2021


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Gazipur drama on the stage of West Bengal

Gazipur’s Muktamancha Natyadal is performing in various theaters in West Bengal with the play ‘Birangana to Nielsen’. Dr. wrote the story of the play. Nilima Ibrahim. Tosaddek Hossain has given the drama form. And directed by Romana Ruma. Ruma is a daughter of Gazipur, a student of the Department of Drama at Rabindranath Tagore University.
There have already been six exhibitions of this play. The dates of four more exhibitions have been announced. Regarding the drama, Ruma said, “Banerjee is one of the women heroines in the liberation war. “Nielson from Birangana” is a monologue about him. I designed it a little differently in the contemporary context. β€™β€˜ Every woman in the country, who wants to do something, wants to be something, and is constantly fighting for it, but society is not looking at it well. These women are also individual warriors. This is what I have tried to say in my play. The students who are acting in this play have been able to grasp the subject matter of our history. The audience here has also received the play very well. In the golden jubilee of independence, the play is a connection of that time with that time, ”he added.

The post-war social, family neglect and deprivation of the heroines of 1971 has been highlighted in the play. Starring Nikita Saha, Sukantha Tagore, Pooja Pal, Jisan Mandal, Simin Hossain, Pia Mallick, Bimal Hazra, Anik Roy and others. The actress of this play Nikita Saha is the granddaughter of freedom fighter Fani Bhushan Saha. Puja Pal’s grandmother was martyred in 1971 by the Razakars.

The party will tour West Bengal on the golden jubilee of independence. Tripti Mitra Natyagriha of Rabindra Sadan will be staged on May 30. Apart from this, the play may be screened on May 20 in Malda and May 2 in Kharda.

The play was first staged on December 16, 2019. Subsequently, the staging of this play was stopped due to corona infection.