April 14, 2021


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Varun Dhawan was fascinated to see Madhumita, what did the actress do

The number of his fans in Bengal is enviable. But this time his fragrance has reached the shores of the distant Arabian Sea. Varun Dhawan himself is fascinated by Madhumita Sarkar. That’s what Tollywood’s ‘Sugar’ Instagram says. Bollywood’s first line actor Varun has ‘liked’ a post of Madhumita.

What did Madhumita post that caught the eye of Bollywood’s ‘Hero’?

A video of a few seconds. And that is what Madhumita has bet on. Last Friday, Madhumita spread warmth on Instagram with her open hair, glittering red high slit skirt and open shoulder. The tattoos on his feet also shone. The actress was not seen doing anything special in this very short video. Probably a few moments of a shoot’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ were captured on camera.

More than one lakh people have already watched this video. Fans of Madhumita also saw this appealing incarnation of Aplut heroine. If you keep an eye on the comment box of the post, you will find evidence.

In the age of Facebook-Twitter-Instagram, the number of ‘likes’ and ‘dislikes’ more than words indicates likes and dislikes. Seeing Madhumita, Varun Dhawan’s finger went straight to the heart-shaped Like button on Instagram.

Excited self-actress. In Madhumita’s words, “Many people criticize me for posting pictures and videos on Instagram. This like of Varun Dhawan recognized my work. But I still can’t believe Varun liked my post. Like everyone else, I have a crush on Varun. Thank you Mr. Dhawan. ”