August 6, 2021


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BJP’s Sravanti has fallen in love with a biscuit trader

Roshan Singh has not parted ways with popular Kolkata actress Sravanti Chatterjee. However, the house has been separated. For six months, their two paths have turned in both directions.

No one has any contact with anyone. Meanwhile, he is busy with movies as well as election campaign. In the meantime, it was known that Sravanti has fallen in love anew. This news was also published by Anandabazar Patrika, Hindustan Times Bangla and many other Indian media. According to the report, Sravanti’s new boyfriend Abhirup Nag Chowdhury is a businessman by profession.

Avirup and Sravanti are neighbors, living side by side in the building. So far, only 13 posts have been posted on Instagram. 191 people are ‘following’ him. Sravanti is one of them. The lock is hanging on Avirup’s Instagram account (read, keep the account private). ‘Merchant’ written in place of the adjective. It is known that he owns a bakery company. Love to party. He also had a party on the occasion of one month of his relationship with Sravanti. The two have celebrated this relationship even in the midst of busyness. From then on, their relationship became known even to the people around them.Prohibition of falling in love, Sravanti never obeyed the ban of this song. Repeatedly fell in love generously. Six months ago, Sravanti came to discuss the strained relationship with her third husband, cabin crew supervisor Roshan Singh. There have been rumors of their separation more than once. Saf also said that no one will comment on this. Roshan says he has not had any contact with Sravanti for a long time.Tollywood stars Srabonti and Roshan secretly got married on April 17, 2019 in Amritsar, Punjab. They are living separately in the epidemic. Although not officially separated, no one is commenting on anyone. Sravanti has been divorced twice before. Sravanti was first married to Indian Bengali film director Rajiv Biswas in 2003. They have a son named Oyster. They separated in 2016 after 13 years of marriage. After breaking up with Rajeev, Sravanti fell in love with model Krishna Braj. The couple also got married in 2016. The separation took place the following year.

Sravanti is busy with the election campaign. He will fight for the ruling BJP from the western center of Behala. Trinamool Congress general secretary and education minister Perth Chatterjee will contest against Sravanti from the same constituency. Sravanti is in a tough fight against this ‘heavyweight’ opponent. Perth Chatterjee is a very strong opponent. Of course, Sravanti is not so upset about it. His claim, West Violin is his own territory. He spent his childhood here. The people here are his own people. So the actress is confident that they will win her by voting.The movie ‘If One Day’ starring Sravanti was released in March 2019. He teamed up with Tahsan in this Bangladeshi movie. Earlier, Sravanti was seen acting with Shakib Khan in ‘Shikari’. At the moment Sravanti has several movies in her hands. He will be seen in five films, ‘Birpurush’, ‘Navajivan Bima Company’, ‘Ajab Prem Golpo’, ‘Kaberi Antardhan’ and ‘Lockdown’.

Following Hollywood and Bollywood, Dhaka’s film industry is called Dhaliwood. Only those concerned can realize how much it has been established as an industry in general. In the vast and open market of world cinema, Bangladeshi cinema seems to exist only considering ‘participation is the big thing’. Again, some people think that Bangladeshi cinema has advanced a lot. The results will be available soon.

Dhaka cinema was once acceptable to all sections of the country. However, the competition stopped when foreign pictures stopped coming. In the age of obscenity and cut-pieces, the traditional rule of watching movies with the family sitting in the theater is broken. From then on, the decline of cinema began. Sighing in this context, senior director Kazi Hayat said, “We have lagged behind in cinema as far as we were concerned. No one can advance without competition. We did not enter the competitive market. We should have opened the market. We have locked ourselves in the house. ‘He also admitted that there are less talented screenwriters, producers and directors for today’s situation.

Movie production has declined comparatively. The standards and numbers are so low that many theaters have had to close one by one. People are gradually leaning towards foreign language movies. Besides, people have been stunned by the series dubbed in Bengali by countries like Iran and Turkey. Producers say that Bangladeshi cinema is not progressing because there is not enough budget, not enough artists, not enough halls to run.