April 14, 2021


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Ferdous Wahid explained the reason for Habib’s hospitalization

Father Ferdous Wahid with son Habib Wahid in the studio
Father Ferdous Wahidchhabi with son Habib Wahid in the studio: Prothom Alo.
Habib Wahid, a popular singer and music director of the time, was suffering from fever, mild pain and whooping cough for the last three days of last month. But he was not taking the matter very seriously. Father Ferdous Wahid found out and advised him to have a CT scan of his lungs. Upon receiving the report, he found that 35 percent of his lungs were infected. In the words of the doctor, it is covid pneumonia. This is how the best musician Baba Ferdous Wahid said in the first light about the latest condition of his son Habib Wahid on Sunday afternoon.

Habib Wahid
Habib Wahidchhabi: Taken from Facebook
Ferdous Wahid said, ‘After receiving the CT scan report of the lungs, Habib spoke to our family doctor. He was admitted to the hospital on his advice. Physicians want to complete a course of his medicine. So Habib has to stay in the hospital. Now there is no such problem. Lung infections have also decreased. In the cabin. It’s good. ‘


He said, ‘I have a little suspicion because of the whooping cough. Fever and body aches again. Thinking about the symptoms of corona, I started thinking about him. By the grace of the Creator, Kovid 19 was not caught in the test. ‘

Ferdous Wahid and Habib Wahid shooting a music video for a song
Ferdous Wahid and Habib Wahidchhabi in the shooting of a song video: Collected.
Habib Wahid can eat normal food? To such a question, Ferdous Wahid said, “There is no problem in Osbe. Eating all kinds of normal food. He wanted to come home. But the doctor wants to finish the course of injection by keeping him under observation for three more days. So Habib has to stay in the hospital till this time. ‘
Ferdous Wahid was hospitalized for a long time after contracting corona in August last year. After several days of medical treatment, he returned home without coronation. Now he spends most of his time at his village home in Munshiganj. Occasionally he came to his home in Dhaka.

Wife Afsana Chowdhury and Habib Wahid
Wife Afsana Chowdhury and Habib Wahidchhabi: Collected
Singer and music director Habib Wahid is now releasing songs on his own. He makes these songs for his own YouTube. At the beginning of the year, Habib Wahid came to the discussion about a new marriage. Posting on Facebook in January this year, Habib wrote, ‘I would like to share with you an incident that happened suddenly in my personal life. I got married recently. Wife’s name is Afsana Chowdhury (Shifa). You all know that the whole world is going through a very bad time now because of the global epidemic. So the wedding ceremony has been kept very limited. ‘

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Habibdhakani Pneumonia Ferdous Wahid Hospital
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Father Ferdous Wahid with son Habib Wahid in the studio
He left Madonna
Entertainment desk
Entertainment desk
Published: 04 April 2021, 10:00
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Madonna is coming to the big screen. No, he won’t act. There will be a movie about his colorful life. He will direct his own biopic. The screenplay was being written for him. It was co-written by Madonna with Diabro Cody, the Oscar-winning screenwriter for the movie Juno. But this writer and screenwriter has finished writing half of the screenplay and said, Ta ta bye bye. The US media cited the artistic and creative differences between Madonna and Cody as the reason. Although no one has commented on this. Meanwhile, Madonna has said differently that she will not say anything about this. The 62-year-old Queen of Pop posted a picture of Topless on Instagram and wrote, “Why do I always have to be accountable and interpretive? I can’t. ‘

Madonna and Diabro Cody
Collected by Madonna and Diabro Code
A source close to Madonna told the British newspaper The Sun that he understood very well what Madonna wanted. At the moment he wants a good writer. He is a perfectionist. And he will not give up even a hair about this movie. Meanwhile, announcing the movie, Madonna said, “I have many untold stories in my life. There are unspoken truths and thrilling inspirational events. Welcome to this roller coaster ride of my life. ‘


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