April 17, 2021


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Let the children rejoice at home on Boishakh

This Baishakh is coming before us in a completely different form. We are facing an invisible enemy when the New Year cheers. Nothing is going to bring this enemy into the bag. The name of this enemy is Kovid-19. Infection has started in the second phase in our country and in this phase its infection rate is very high. As a result, there is no doubt that it will not be possible to rejoice in the Boishakh ceremony like before. This year’s Baishakh ceremony will have strict health rules and that is for their own protection.

So we will be deprived of joy? Not at all. The joy will be indoor, that is, inside the house, avoiding the crowds. There will be a domestic feeling in the organization. Special arrangements have to be made for those children at home whose thoughts of Kovid-19 cannot be eased. Because, people of any age no longer have the opportunity to socialize.

Children will be just as upset as adults because they can’t go out of the house. There is something extra that needs to be done to brighten their minds. New clothes can be one of the means of that ‘something extra’.

Children’s clothing is a colorful subject. Brightly colored clothing can affect the minds of children more. So buy brightly colored clothes of their choice for them. Ask them out well if they are no longer absorbed in the connection. Then let her like her clothes. Want to go shopping mall? Don’t get me wrong. Now all the big brands have online shops. At least they have a page on social media. Get in there and choose clothes and help the baby choose. Then place an order.

How can baby clothes? As I said before, children have a kind of attraction towards bright colors. So in case of color, give priority to bright colors. Keep up with that big design. Each fashion house designs clothes keeping in mind the psychological aspect of the children. Visit multiple house websites or Facebook and Instagram pages. You will get an idea when you see it.

But with some things in mind, it will be easier for you to choose clothes for children.


Give priority to clothing for children from zero to six months
Baishakhi dress for newborns can be seen in different age groups. However, those who are very young, that is, those under the age of two, have to wear a little risk when buying clothes. Because, most fashion houses do not make clothes for children of this age. A few create institutions. So you have to find a little.
Clothing for babies from zero to six months of age is usually preferred for the comfort of the baby. Cotton fabrics can be a good thing in this case. In addition, there may be clothes made of Bexifabrics. These clothes should be light in color and comfortable in light design. You can choose colors like white, light white, sweet pink, tia green for the dress of your youngest member.

You can buy clothes and make colorful lace at home. There will be a kind of novelty in the clothes. However, do not neglect the comfort of the child to bring innovation.

For three to eight year olds
The stock of clothing for children of this age is the highest. Because, all the fashion houses make clothes for children of this age. This is probably why most of the experiments are done on the clothes of children of this age.

Children of this age can adapt to almost all types of cut clothes. And so a touch of novelty can be brought around the garment to enhance the festive mood. For example, there is Anarkali or a shirt with a little gher. Long-sleeved shirts will also look good on children of this age. You can also have a palazzo with a straight cut shirt and pajamas with a collar and handkerchief trimmed, kurti with a fringed kurta as well as a kunchi salwar as your girl’s clothes. Apart from that, sleeveless sleeve fatwa can be chosen for girls. They will also look good on a colorful net. Besides, short shirts and fatwas will be suitable for boys. In addition, there may be comfortable and brightly colored T-shirts, colorful Punjabi. There is also an opportunity to buy these clothes to suit your parents.

Boishakh in sari
There is a collection of sari sewn with petticoat for children for Boishakh. Even though it is not worn all year round, colorful sari has become the favorite dress of girls in Boishakh. That is why almost all the boutique houses organize sarees for girls on the occasion of Boishakh. These saris are made with blockprint, batik, screenprint designed fabrics for girls from two to eight years of age. Besides, towels and vegetable dye sarees are also available. Blouses of matching colors or contrasting colors can be purchased.

This time there will be a mask
Many organizations are making all kinds of masks suitable for children just thinking about them. Buy a mask that is comfortable for your baby and the color of his choice. Get him used to using masks.
Masks are now mandatory for everyone. There are so many days that ‘children are not corona

Don’t buy a mask for them thinking no, let them pay attention to the mask. Many organizations are making all kinds of masks suitable for children just thinking about them. Buy a mask that is comfortable for your baby and the color of his choice. Get him used to using masks. Not only for corona, many diseases made from the dust of the city will stay away for this mask. So this month, let the mask be a special gift for them.

All in all, let the children rejoice at home. And as a guardian, you have to cooperate as much as possible to make that happy arrangement.