April 15, 2021


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Faruk has been unconscious for 14 days

In ICU for 18 days. In 14 days my father did not say anything. He is moving his arms and legs lightly but he is not saying anything. He is not looking even if his eyes match. My father is unconscious. ‘The words are from the son of well-known actor and MP Akbar Hossain Pathan Farooq. His son Raushan Hossain Pathan Sarat said this to inform his father’s latest physical condition on Monday evening.

Farooq is undergoing treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore
Farooq’s treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore: Collected
When Farooq’s family was contacted for a few days to know the latest physical condition, there was no news. He used to give physical information at the beginning of his treatment in the hospital. Eventually, their family was found. Sarat said that his father was admitted to the ICU again from the 21st. Absolutely unconscious. Not talking. You don’t even look me in the eye. Farooq’s family is spending time with great anxiety and worry.

Sarat said, ‘On March 17, my father had a convulsion. Convulsions occur again within a few hours. He was then taken to the ICU. At one point, the doctors examined him and found that he had a brain problem. Even then it was pretty good. Even if the movement was less, he would talk less. In this situation, on March 17, my father was taken to the cabin. Three days later, from March 21, my father became unconscious. Sense completely disappeared from March 23. After that he did not make any movement. Blood pressure also decreases. He was taken to ICU again. This time the doctors found a kind of bad germ in the nerve of Abu’s brain. Also, get news of two infections in the blood at the same time. Since then he is still in ICU. Dad didn’t say anything in the last 14 days. Internal bleeding of the body is also happening from today. The situation is critical. The doctors are saying the same thing. ‘
Sarat said in words, it can be said that Farooq’s blood problem is under control. But brain problems are progressing very slowly. The boy also said that he was trying to fix another problem. However, no oxygen is needed. Being able to breathe normally.

Akbar sent Farooq with his wife Farhana and two children Tulsi and Sarat
Akbar Hossain Pathan with wife Farhana Pathan and two children Tulsi and Sharat Farooq Photo: Courtesy of Farooq’s family
Leading actor and MP Akbar Hossain Pathan Farooq went to Singapore in the second week of last month for regular health check-ups. The test showed an infection in his blood. He has been feeling physically ill ever since. He was rushed to a hospital in Singapore on the advice of a doctor he knew.
Farooq has been admitted to Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore. There he is being treated under the care of Lai. Farooq has been bringing regular medical services to Singapore for eight years.

Farooq returned to the country from Singapore at the end of October last year after treatment. He has been healthy ever since. Doctors had earlier said that Farooq’s body could get worse due to several physical complications. He will have to undergo routine checkups for three consecutive months. He was preparing to go to Singapore in February for that regular test. He finally went there in the second week of March with his wife Farhana Pathan.
Actor Farooq has contributed to Dhaliwood for almost five decades. After retiring from acting, he was elected as an MP for the first time in Dhaka-17 constituency as an Awami League candidate in the Eleventh Parliamentary Election.