April 14, 2021


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Don’t underestimate Corona: Corona-infested land

Every day new Bollywood stars are reported to be affected by Corona. One after another news is coming that the stars have been attacked by Corona. This time Bhumi wrote his name in that list. He gave the news in an Instagram post.

Bhumi writes, ‘Although I do not have any symptoms, my corona test result is positive. I’m fine, don’t worry. Hopefully, I will return to the negative soon. Those of you who have come to me recently, don’t check it. ‘

Bhumi also said no to the use of pearls in animal skins, woolen goods and jewelery.
BhumiInstagram also says no to the use of pearls in animal skins, woolen goods and jewelry.
The 31-year-old Filmfare-winning actress further wrote, “Don’t underestimate Corona. Wear a mask, there is no alternative to wearing a mask. Maintain social distance. I was careful enough. Yet I could not escape from Corona. You have to be more careful. ‘


Land has a reputation as a feminist, environmentalist and animalist. Recently joined the club of internationally renowned environmentalist Aman Sharma. His club’s name is ‘All in Climate Action’. “Aman Sharma has done a great job,” he told The Tribune. He has taken an initiative called All in for Climate Change Club (CAN) to make people aware of animals, environment and climate change. I have been associated with this initiative. We believe in harmonizing with all the elements of nature. ‘A few days ago, Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio praised the initiative of Aman Sharma.

In the lockdown, the land has become very vocal to save the nature around it. And the Bollywood actress has taken various initiatives for that. Bhumi is going to form a team called ‘Climate Warriors’. He is always busy promoting it through social media. However, the Bollywood star has taken another step to protect nature.

Land has decided in this lockdown, he will be completely vegetarian. That is why this Bollywood actress has completely removed fish and meat from her diet. Not only meat but also poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs and honey have been stopped from being eaten by the land. Bhumi also said no to the use of pearls in animal skins, woolen products and jewelery. After leaving animal meat for a year, the land now feels much lighter and healthier than before.

Bhumi thinks that a tree, a river, a dove like a human being — they all have equal rights in this world. If man destroys nature, then nature will also destroy man. And nature is always stronger than man.