April 17, 2021


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Shakib Khan injured by scratching actress’s nails, shooting postponed

Popular hero of Dhaka cinema Shakib Khan was injured while shooting for ‘Antaratma’ movie in Pabna. He injured his left eye. He is currently resting at the Ratnadeep Resort in the district town.

Multiple sources associated with the movie and present at the shooting set have confirmed this information to the journalists.

According to sources, while taking part in the shooting of the song, Shakib Khan’s left eye was hit by the fingernail of the heroine Darshana Banik. He was bloodied. Then the doctor came and bandaged his left eye. Nayak is currently resting at Ratnadeep Resort. Shooting has been suspended in this case.

The movie ‘Antaratma’ under the banner of Tarang Entertainment is being prepared for release in the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr. Emerging Kolkata actress Darshana Banik is starring opposite Shakib in the movie. The movie is directed by Wazed Ali Sumon.

Suchismita Mridula said goodbye to the acting world. He said he was forced to quit acting due to family objections.

It is learned that three years ago, Mridula acted with popular hero Shakib Khan in a film called ‘Ekta Prem Darkaar Hon’ble Sarkar’. The film has not been released yet.

In the meantime, the name of the film has been changed twice. At first the name of the film was ‘One Love Needs Honorable Government’. Then the name is ‘Need a love’. Later it was changed to ‘rebel’.

Recently, a song of the film titled ‘Rebel’ has been released on YouTube. Shakib and Mridula are seen matching lips in the song. The film will be released next Eid.

But before the release, Mridula said that he will not act in movies anymore.

Asked about this, Mridula told a media that he was leaving the media due to family reasons. Because my family doesn’t want me to work in media anymore.


“I wanted to do something good in cinema,” he said. I also got the opportunity to work with superstars like Shakib Vaiya. I tried to do something good in the first film. But it is not going to be permanent in this field.

“It simply came to our notice then. I got engaged a few days ago. For now, I want to be busy with my studies. But I can say for sure that it will not be seen in the media anymore. ‘