May 9, 2021


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Mithila left social media again

Mithila left social media again

Popular actress Rafiat Rashid Mithila took a break from social media again. He himself confirmed this information in a Facebook post on Sunday (April 3).

Mithila said, “Corona gets upset when she enters social media due to various negative news including the situation. Moreover, social media takes away a lot of time from our lives. So for the time being I took a break from all kinds of social media for a while. In the meantime, I have logged out of all media. ”

Mithila further said that she had taken a break from social media several times before. He came back after feeling better. Will come back again if you feel better. He also commented that taking a break from social media from time to time is good for work and writing.

Mithila returned home from Calcutta on 20 March. That same night, he was contracted to act in Ananya Mamun’s movie ‘Amanush’. Mithila’s hero Nirab Hossain in his debut movie. Mithila also started shooting for the movie.

Meanwhile, this time at Ekushey Book Fair, the travel book ‘On the Island of Tanzania’. In the eyes of seven-year-old girl Ira, the book revolves around traveling around the world and learning different things from those places.

Floods and landslides caused by coastal storm Seroza have killed at least 113 people in Indonesia and East Timor. Reuters reported that heavy rains in the east after the storm caused floods on the islands of the two countries on Sunday. Locals remain in disastrous weather until Monday (April 5).

Before the locals woke up on Sunday morning, the landslide washed away everything, including mud and floodwaters. Many people face disaster on Easter Sunday. Floodwaters caused extensive damage to homes as well as roads and bridges. The storm caused five bridges in Indonesia to collapse.

Authorities say at least 30,000 people have been displaced by the storm in two East Asian countries. Six people were killed in Indonesia’s western and eastern Nusa Tenggara provinces. At least 61 people are still missing.

Floods and landslides in East Timor have also killed at least 26 people. Seven thousand people have become homeless. Many bodies are thought to have been washed away by the floodwaters.

Due to the storm, the sea water is flowing at a height of 6 meters. Authorities said rescue efforts were being hampered by inclement weather. Several boat sinks have also occurred.