April 17, 2021


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‘Shabnur, the eldest daughter of the zamindar family!

Actress Shahnoor. He has won the hearts of the audience by acting in popular dramas and movies. This time he joined the serial ‘Zamindar Bari’. She has played the role of the eldest daughter of Shampa Raza, the famous Begum of Ghaseti of Zamindar Bari. She made her debut as Shane Noor in 60 episodes of the play.

Sajjad Hossain Dodul has directed the dialogue, screenplay and directed the drama based on the story of Tipu Alam Milon. Eight is produced by Asiatic Mind Share.

Shahnoor, the eldest daughter of ‘Zamindar Bari’!

In this regard, Shahnoor said, “On the one hand, the story of a talented director like Sajjad Hossain Dodul and on the other hand, the story of popular storyteller Tipu Alam Milon has made me interested in acting in this play.” My character is also quite funny. As the eldest daughter of the zamindar family, my care will become an eyesore for everyone. Everyone will burn with jealousy.

The star-studded drama series of Boishakhi Television is being aired every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9:20 and 11.30 pm. Starring Manoj Sen Gupta, Shampa Reza, Akhm Hasan, Nadia Meem, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Subrata, Momena Chowdhury, Milon Bhatt, Sifat, Imtu, Rashed Mamun Apu and others.

Shahnoor, the eldest daughter of ‘Zamindar Bari’!

Speaking on the occasion, Tipu Alam Milon, Deputy Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Boishakhi TV, said, “When did the zamindari system end?” The dilapidated zamindar houses have now become tourist attractions. Even after the end of the zamindari system, their manners, customs, manners and customs still remain in the lineage. As the river dies, so does its bend, so even if the zamindari ends, the zamindari blood remains in their body. The various inconsistencies of the society have come up in the story of the play.

The largest corona hospital is being launched in Mohakhali

Mohakhali Market of Dhaka North City Corporation (DNCC) used as Corona Isolation Center is being introduced as DNCC Dedicated Corona Hospital for the treatment of Corona patients. The 1,000-bed hospital will have 100 ICU beds and 112 HDUs. This will be the largest hospital for corona treatment.

According to the Ministry of Health, the implementation of the hospital has already started. Services will begin here in mid-April. The hospital will be fully operational by the end of this month.

It will be managed by the Bangladesh Armed Forces. However, the Ministry of Health will assist in the operation of the hospital with 500 doctors, 600 nurses and 600 staff and medicines and equipment.

Health Minister Zahid Malek will visit the hospital at 4pm today, said the hospital’s director Brigadier General AKM Nasir Uddin.

“Hopefully, by mid-April, we will be able to open 250 beds and some ICU beds,” he said. The hospital will be fully operational by the end of the month. Only Corona patients will be treated here. No operation will be performed here. If anyone needs an operation, he will be taken to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. ‘

Until now, this empty market of one lakh 60 thousand 560 square feet was used as a corona isolation center and corona testing lab for foreigners. Asked how the services would be provided now that Corona is operational as a hospital, Nasir Uddin said, “They will not be closed.” There will be a separate place for foreigners.