April 17, 2021


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Karona will affect the Eid drama

The second wave of Corona started in March this year. This time the infection is more intense than the first wave. The effect of this has started to be felt in the shooting of TV dramas. In the last two weeks, many actors have been affected by Corona. Many regular artists have consciously canceled the shooting. Some have refrained from giving new drama schedules. The lockdown has started from yesterday. In such a situation, fear has been created about the shooting. Talking to producers, actors, producers and television authorities, it is learned that they are still in uncertainty about Eid dramas.

Every Eid there is a demand for 600 to 700 dramas on different online platforms and televisions. Although the plays were made throughout the year, 80 percent of the plays were made just three months before Eid. For this, considering the situation, notices have been issued from the organization along with the government hygiene rules.

Initially the lockdown has been instructed to shoot every day from six in the morning to six in the evening. For this, from writing the play to selecting the crew, going to the shooting location, before and after the shooting starts, everyone has to wear a mask, sanitize and measure the body temperature. If possible, shooting should not be done without casting child and adult actors and shooting without screenplay should not be done. Shooting has to be done according to some more rules including social distance.

Most of the producers could not start work on Eid
Most of the producers could not start work on Eid. Photo: Collected
It is learned that actors Zahid Hasan, Fazlur Rahman Babu, Mosharraf Karim, Chanchal Chowdhury, Afran Nisho, Apurbo, Sajal, Nadia, Tisha and many others are still in a dilemma. Some of them have cut work in half. Someone understands the situation and continues shooting slowly. Actor Zahid Hasan said, ‘Talking to my co-stars, I am always thinking about how to shoot safely. Now is the peak time of Eid drama. Corona is growing again. Many people want a schedule, I do not understand what will happen to the schedule. If the incidence of corona increases, it may not be possible to work. ‘

Most of the producers could not start work on Eid. However, producer Sakal Ahmed has learned from last year’s Corona experience. He has already started shooting for the drama for Eid this year. He said, ‘Many actors are now deliberately giving schedules. Many are not shooting. All in all, there is uncertainty, there is fear. ‘

Every Eid there is a demand for 600 to 700 dramas on different online platforms and televisions
Every Eid there is a demand for 600 to 700 dramas on various online platforms and television. Photo: Collected
Most of the crew in the shooting are under 40 years of age. That is why they are not able to get vaccinated. Actor Mehjabin Chowdhury thinks that if he could have been vaccinated against coronavirus, he might have done something very careful. He said the director, cameraman, lightman and all of them are at risk with the shooting. Maintaining distance in shooting is often not possible. “In the current situation, I don’t know how much work I can do for Eid, or not,” he said.

Alfred Khokon, general manager of NTV’s programming department, said, “I am at risk with Eid dramas.

The producers confirmed that the schedule of the actors will be available. Now that the Corona situation has escalated, they have all gone silent on the schedule. A producer was supposed to start shooting with Apurba, the producer himself has been attacked by Corona. If it continues like this, I will get into trouble again with drama promotion.

In order to comply with the health notification in the government notification, factories, bank-insurance, limited range of offices, some emergency services will be running. Anyone can shoot if they want. But of course we are not encouraging any artist to shoot. We should stay at home in need of life.