April 13, 2021


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Habu Bhai is no longer at Bachelor Point

Habu Bhai is no longer at Bachelor Point
Recently discussed serial drama ‘Bachelor Point’. Season three of the play is currently being aired. The popular character of this play is ‘Habu Bhai’. Chashi Alam has acted in this role. From the very beginning, his dialogues and performances have taken place in the hearts of the audience.


Director Kajal Arefin Ami has given a status on his Facebook remembering the issue of Habu Bhai. Sharing a picture of Habu Bhai, he wrote, “We will miss you, farmer Alam Habu Bhai.” Netizens stumbled upon Amir’s post. They also remembered Habu Bhai.

Some have even spoken of bringing him back. Sami wrote, ‘There will always be love for that man.’ Mahmudul Hasan wrote below him, ‘I will miss you very much.’ Prince Rashed wrote, ‘Come back brother Habu.’ A man named Sumon wrote, ‘There are a lot of emotions involved with the play. How can I accept when everyone leaves like this, I don’t want anyone new. There was a request to bring them back. ‘

‘Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020’ Tanzia Zaman Mithila has been in quite a discussion for several days. She has become Miss Universe Bangladesh 2020 with special help. After such allegations, this model has become the talk of the industry.

Ghee Dhale is an old interview with Mithila. Where Mithila admits, she recorded a nude video of a man entering the toilet. Many netizens see the matter as a crime. Some have even demanded his punishment under the Pornography Act.

Meanwhile, Tanzia Zaman Mithila has given a status on her Facebook regarding the nude video recording. “The issue you raised is very relevant,” he wrote in the status given on March 26. I sincerely apologize for what I did. I was young and inexperienced. It was just a joke and we made fun of it. The three of us wanted to go viral easily and we didn’t realize at the time that we could be involved in such activities. I understand now, we didn’t do the job right and I’m so sorry for my childish behavior.

Mithila further writes, “I appreciate those who have raised the issue and sincerely apologize. At the same time I am growing up and seeing what is right and what is wrong. On the way you will see something different, you will grow and move on. I know you will be very kind to raise the issue, help me move forward with positive devotion and give me the opportunity to grow in peace and harmony together with everyone.

Model Tanzia Zaman Mithila and Samira Khan Mahi were seen in the interview recorded in 2016. They were answering various questions posed by the presenter. In the video, Mithila and Mahi said that they recorded a nude video of a man entering the men’s toilet. Model Mahi has shared it again through her social media. It has been seen that Mithila and Mahi are running out laughing after recording the video.