April 13, 2021


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Corona’s second wave, shooting of 12 photos postponed

Shooting has been suspended for several films
Shooting has been suspended for several film collages
The second wave of Corona is going on. This time the infection is more intense than the first wave. This is having an effect on Dhaliwade. Shooting has been suspended for several films.
Some movies have been shooting for only four days, some for two weeks. No director was able to shoot with all kinds of preparations. Because of the increase in coronary infections, lockdown has been given. Shooting is allowed. However, for security reasons, the producers themselves have postponed the shooting. At this time they have focused on other work in the film.
Director Ananya Mamun was shooting a new movie called ‘Amanush’. Four days work has been done in Dhaka. The director is scheduled to go to Bandarban with the entire unit from April 4. The shooting schedule was taken there till April 16. But when the lockdown was announced due to increased corona infection, the director-producer also postponed the work of the film. He has fixed the new schedule from April 12.

Mamun said, “Even though the government has given a lockdown, no instruction has come to stop the shooting.” We think that a lot of people participate in the shooting of the photo. This leaves the risk of further infection. So I postponed the shooting thinking of everyone’s safety. ‘Many people including Nirab and Mithila are acting in the film.

Shakib Khan shooting for Antaratma
Shakib Khanchhabi in the shooting of Antratma: Prothom Alo
Shakib Khan has returned to Dhaka after a month-long shooting of ‘Antaratma’ in Pabna. Shooting for the new film is set to begin this week. Actress Bubli is also fully prepared after shooting her pictures and advertisements. If all went well as planned, the pair would be seen in front of the camera a year later in Dhaliwood. That never happened again. The two have to wait until the lockdown ends to stand in front of the camera together. This was stated by Tapu Khan, director of ‘Leader: I am Bangladesh’. For the first time in the movie, he played with his hands at the beginning.

“We have nothing at the moment,” Tapu said. All was preparation. Working with so many talented artists, we have to look after the health of all of them. Apart from that, many fans came to see Shakib Khan while he was shooting. There is a risk of infection. I didn’t want to do that in lockdown. ‘

Shamim Ahmed finished the 18-day shooting of ‘Bubujan’
Shamim Ahmed collected 16 days of shooting of ‘Bubujan’
Shamim Ahmed finished the 18-day shooting of ‘Bubujan’. There are 12 more days of shooting left. The director planned to shoot in the first week of this month. But he changed his mind. Shooting postponed. However, he is moving ahead with the post-production of another film in India to make use of the lockdown time. “I will return to Dhaka on April 11,” the director said from Kolkata yesterday afternoon. Then I will plan anew. In fact, no one understands what the situation is. We are hesitant about releasing pictures on Eid. We have to make decisions considering our own safety as well as the safety of everyone. I’ll be back in a few days, Archie! ‘

Director Shaheen Sumon is working on the film ‘Gangster’ starring Mahiya Mahi and Simon Sadiq. The shooting was stopped for a few days due to the election of the board of directors. He won the election and was elected secretary general of the board of directors. Shooting is scheduled for the first week of April after the election. But
It is learned that the shooting of 12 films including Apurba Rana’s ‘Yantrana’ starring Bappi Chowdhury has been delayed. After seeing the situation, the directors and producers will think about shooting these films. According to them, the protection of artists and artisans is first and foremost.

Dighi was shooting a biopic of Bangabandhu in Mumbai, India. After the shooting, he found out that the lockdown was going on in Bangladesh. The young actor, who is based in Mumbai, India, has not been able to return to the country even after the shooting. Is he upset about this? Dighi said, not at all. He feels good to be trapped.

Dighi will be seen in the role of Bangamata Sheikh Fazilatunnesa Mujib in Bangabandhu’s biopic directed by Shyam Benegal. At such a young age of his acting career, he is playing such an important role in the films of famous directors like him, as if he can’t believe it.

Dighi in Pulpar
Dighe Facebook on the bridge
Recently, the shooting of this part of the lake has ended. However, Dighi is stuck as the lockdown has started in Bangladesh. But it feels good to be trapped. How