April 13, 2021


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Aamir Khan with Sunny Leone

Working in a movie with Aamir Khan is a dream come true. It is rare to find a heroine in Bollywood who does not want to act with Aamir. However, Sunny Neon, a popular Bollywood actress, disagreed with this Mr. Perfectionist.

This was stated by the actress in an interview given to Bhupendra Chaubey, a senior journalist of India. During the conversation, Sunny was asked, ‘Do you want to act in a movie with Aamir?’

Then comes the answer ‘no’. When asked about the reason, Sunny said, ‘Aamir himself does not want to act in any movie with me. One of the reasons is my previous career.

After Sunny’s comment, various reactions were seen all over the social media. And Aamir himself did not make a mistake in giving his comment there.

In a tweet about Sunny’s remarks, Aamir said, ‘I don’t know why Sunny thinks of herself in such a way. I definitely want to act in movies with him. I think Sunny has shown her modesty. I don’t think anything about his past career. She is an actress. ‘

Incidentally, Aamir Khan has recently been attacked by Corona. His upcoming movie ‘Lal Singh Chadda’ is awaiting release on the big day of this year. Kareena Kapoor has acted opposite him in this movie.
Shahnoor, the film actress, has joined the long drama series ‘Zamindar Bari’ directed by Sajjad Hossain Dodul. She has played the role of the eldest daughter of Shampa Raza, the famous Begum of Ghaseti of Zamindar Bari. She made her debut as Shane Noor in 60 episodes of the play. Shahnoor caught the eye of the audience in his debut. This is Shahnoor’s first performance as a dajjal character in the play.

Shahnoor said, “On the one hand, the story of a talented director like Sajjad Hossain Dodul and on the other hand, the story of popular storyteller Tipu Alam Milon has made me interested in acting in this play.” My character is also quite funny. As the eldest daughter of the zamindar family, my care will become an eyesore for everyone. Everyone will burn with jealousy.

The star-studded drama series of Boishakhi Television is being aired three days a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:20 pm and 11.30 pm. Starring Manoj Sen Gupta, Shampa Reza, Akhm Hasan, Nadia Meem, Shilpi Sarkar Apu, Subrata, Momena Chowdhury, Milon Bhatt, Sifat, Imtu, Rashed Mamun Apu and others. Story: The dialogue of the play in the story of Tipu Alam Milon – scripted and directed by Sajjad Hossain Dodul. Production: Asiatic Mind Share.

Speaking on the occasion, Tipu Alam Milon, Deputy Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of Boishakhi TV, said, “When did the zamindari system end?” The dilapidated zamindar houses have now become tourist attractions. Even after the end of the zamindari system, their manners, customs, manners and customs still remain in the lineage. As the river dies, so does its bend, so even if the zamindari ends, the zamindari blood remains in their body. Zamindari does not fall on the ground with arrogance because of blood, he ignores the people around him and looks at them with hatred. It seems that they are still zamindars, everyone in the society will respect them as before. They do not want to accept this new society, their zamindari is no more today. But what will happen if it is not there, like the zamindari system, class inequality is now rampant in the society. The beautiful society is wounded today by the power of the new society pratibhu zamindars. The various inconsistencies of the society have come up in the story of the play.

He further said that the main premise of the play is the house of the ruined Mirza Zamindar. This house is still a surprise to the people of the area. They are highly respected by the people of the area due to their abundant wealth and abundance. From the top, no matter how glamorous this zamindar’s house is, cracks have appeared inside. When zamindar Ramzan Mirza died, he left all the property in the name of his wife Rabia. Rabia had three sons – a king, a nawab and an emperor. The people of the village also know that Rabia Mirza is not the only wife of a zamindar, she is married to a baiji and has more children in her house. On learning this, the angry Rabia Mirza drowned the zamindar Ramzan Mirza by a trusted man. Before the murder, he forcibly registered all the property in his own name. The mystery of the zamindar’s death is still unknown. As the story progresses, one drama after another will be unveiled. I believe that the play Zamindar Bari, like the other plays I have written, will be popular with the audience.