April 13, 2021


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Tug of war on the stage of beauty pageant

The biggest beauty pageant in Sri Lanka is called ‘Mrs. Sri Lanka’. In that competition, there was a tug of war with the crown. The judges announced the winner of 2021, but the former “Mrs. Sri Lanka” crowned the winner and snatched it away. He claims that this time the winner has been divorced. But there is no chance for a divorced woman to take part in this competition. So he puts the crown on someone else’s head. Later, however, it was returned to the real winner. In this incident, a commotion started on the stage. At this time the winning candidate got several head injuries.

The BBC reported on Tuesday (April 8th) that Pushpika de Silva was declared the 2021 winner at the final of Mrs Sri Lanka at a theater in Colombo on Sunday. Moments later, the 2019 winner, Mrs. Caroline Jury, snatched her crown.

Caroline claims De Silva is actually divorced. He does not deserve this title. The jury said, ‘Women who are already married and divorced cannot get the title as per the rules. So I am giving the crown to the second place winner. ‘

Saying this, he lifted the golden crown from De Silva’s head and put it on the runner-up’s head. De Silva left the stage with tears in his eyes. He got a head injury in the chaos on the stage. After the incident, the organizers confirmed that De Silva was not divorced.

She is separated, but not divorced. The organizers have apologized to him. He was given the title of winner within a day.

“There are a lot of single women like me,” she said at a news conference later. They are suffering in Sri Lanka in this way. I dedicate this crown to those women who are single-handedly raising their children. The crown will be returned to Mrs Pustika Da Silva on Tuesday, said Chandimal Jayasinghe, national director of Mrs Sri Lanka World.

He expressed frustration that the behavior of the Caroline jury on stage was reprehensible. The Mrs. World Organization has launched an investigation into the matter. Meanwhile, the police have questioned Mrs. Jury about the incident.

The Prime Minister’s wife was present as the chief guest at the final ceremony of the competition.