April 13, 2021


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Salim’s tenant murderer babu

The tragedy of two trains in the middle of the trains and went to kill a man and walked. Before the murder, drinking the victims with more khaira. Later asked to put the pic of drink. If the peak of the drink falls red, kill him. In fact, he has to do these killings to provide the cost of daughter’s treatment. But the question remains, then who kills the Soleman, who is he? Drama has recently been built with such mysterious-thriller and life-livinical stories. ‘Manjurul Haque Manju has built the drama in the writings of Sajal Ahmed. Selim said, “The story is a little different. Everyone will look good. ‘Babu said, “I played a helpless father.

Shahiduzzaman Selim played the role of Fazlur Rahmar Babu and Salam Hazara in the role of professional murderer. Shelley Ahsan, Khairul Alam Tipu, Mehjabin Maya, Jafrin Jerin etc.
The Ministry of Education is thinking about how different types of secondary and university levels can be taken online. Do not overcome the crisis of the infection, it is being thought of taking all the tests online from secondary to the university. The Ministry of Education has constituted high-level two committees to create a roadmap by examining how different countries of the world are taking online tests. On March 24, Secretary of Education Ministry of Education and High Education Ministry of Education. Mahbub Hossain chaired the chairmanship of a meeting.

A 11-member committee has been organized by the chairman of Dhaka Education Board to recommend the secondary and higher secondary level classes and public examinations online. Apart from this, the UGC member Professor Dr. Dil Afroza Begum

It is learned that the committee will submit a short and long-term roadmap to the ministry by reviewing the current images of online tests in two countries and abroad.