April 13, 2021


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The way Bangladeshi workers are the heroes in Korean cinema

Mahbub Alam Pallab went to South Korea in 1999 as a laborer. In the beginning, he used to make documentaries on various issues of expatriates. But then gradually he got a chance in big screen movies .”As migrant workers, we are often discriminated against,” Mahbub said. That’s why I started working with others even though I was an immigrant myself. One time I realized, we need to create media for ourselves. I keep making documentaries. I had absolutely no experience in acting or film. The plan was to stay there for two to three years. Then I will come to the country. But that did not happen. I accidentally got involved in the film.

Mahbub started working on the documentary in 2004. Because, the local media was not giving any opportunity to the expatriates. He made his acting debut in the short film The Road of the Revenge. It’s a kind of black comedy.
Regarding becoming a hero, Mahbub said, “The director of this film knew me. My responsibility here was to work with the script and find a handsome hero. When I went to look, I could not find anyone like me. But I have everything the director wants. I went to the producer and said, how is it when I act? He said, “Mahbub, you are handsome, you know the language, there is no problem with visa.” But you have to lose weight. That’s how I started acting. ‘

Mahbub’s first full-length film, Where Is Ronnie …, was released in 2009. In the same year comes ‘Bandhabi’, which is widely discussed at home and abroad.

The films starring Mahbub include ‘My Friend and His Wife’, ‘Where Is Ronnie’, ‘Pained’, ‘You’re My Vampire’, ‘Perfect Proposal’, ‘Asura: City of Madness’ and ‘Love in Korea’.

So far, Mahbub has acted in about 15 Korean dramas, movies and commercials. He has also received prestigious awards at the International Film Festival as an actor.

Actor and producer Gazi Rakayet’s physical condition has deteriorated. He was admitted to Samaritan Hospital in the capital on Wednesday. On the other hand, producer Chayanika Chowdhury is in isolation at home due to corona attack.

SM Kamruzzaman Sagar, general secretary of the Director’s Guild, an organization of small screen producers, told the media about the current state of Gazi Rakayet, “Brother Rakayet, he contracted corona last week. At first he was receiving treatment at home. At first his physical condition was good. But in the meantime, his lungs have been damaged by 20 percent. So he was admitted to the hospital for doctor’s observation. However, he still does not feel oxygen. Pray for everyone. ‘

Meanwhile, drama and filmmaker Chayanika Chowdhury was attacked on April 5. Confirming the information to the media, Chayanika Chowdhury said, “Now there is only cold. There is also no fever, cough, headache or difficulty breathing. Everyone will pray for me. ‘
He further said that he received a positive report last Monday. I will have a CT scan of my chest tomorrow, Thursday. Then you have to do what the doctor says.