May 19, 2021


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Slowly having to adapt to everything

I put Mahbuba in the scene of the movie ‘Footprint’
Rakhi Mahbubachabi in the scene of the movie ‘Footprint’: Collected
Rakhi Mahbubar was supposed to act in a movie after winning the Lux Channel I Superstar competition. He was seen in dramas, television films, commercials and music videos, but he was not seen in the film. Then he moved to Australia to study. He returned to the country on March 26 after eight years. He returned to Dhaka to shoot a movie. That is what he said when he was talking to Rakhi on Monday evening.

Rakhi’s first movie to win the 2010 Lux Channel I Superstar title was ‘Footprint’. The shooting of the film has been going on in Dhaka for three days. Besides directing, the story, dialogue and screenplay of this film are by Saiful Islam Mannur. The director has come to Dhaka from the United States to make the movie. He took part in a week-long rehearsal with Rakhi and other actors.

I put Mahbuba in the scene of the movie ‘Footprint’
Rakhi Mahbubachabi in the scene of the movie ‘Footprint’: Collected
Rakhi said, the work of this film will end after shooting for a month. He said, ‘I was thinking of working in an art house film in Bangladesh. That’s it, there’s a good message. This story is about how to empower girls; Which is the goal of my life. So I am very happy with such a story. My previous work experience with this director is also remarkable. His latest film, Son, has won 11 national film awards. Who doesn’t want to work with such a National Film Award winning director. Apart from that, the film is made from Impress Telefilm. All in all, I have agreed to act in the movie. ‘

In 2013, Rakhi Mahbuba moved to Australia to graduate in engineering. Edith graduated from Cowan University (ECU) in Perth with a degree in civil engineering. He said, ‘In Australia too, I have acted in music videos and short films. Although I was busy studying there, I couldn’t leave the camera. ‘

I put Mahbuba in the scene of the movie ‘Footprint’
Rakhi Mahbubachabi in the scene of the movie ‘Footprint’: Collected
Asked what it was like to shoot a full-fledged movie in the country after so many days, Rakhi said, “There is a lot of trouble. There is a big difference between doing nine or five jobs and shooting. The first day I was shooting in a garment. It was very hot again that day. There was the use of smoke again for the shooting. Everything went together with great difficulty. We have to adapt to everything slowly. ‘

I couldn’t go anywhere for honeymoon and take pictures
Actress Nazira Mau was busy with seven serials, movies and modeling. Everything is suspended in the Corona situation. It was learned that he got married three months ago. We talked to him about honeymoon, family and acting activities.

Married for three months, why did not tell before?

Many in the media get married and hide it year after year. I’m only three months old (laughs). In fact, there is nothing to hide in getting married. We got married in a hurry. No one was informed as there was no plan. Two days after the wedding, I had to run for the shooting.