May 19, 2021


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Happy ‘golden’ family

Karateka couple Hossain Khan and Humaira Akter
Identity to play. From there the depth gradually increases about. After that, no one could understand when one became the complement of the other. This time the golden light has fallen on the happy family of three such couples in the world of sports. In a real sense, they have become a ‘golden’ family.

Navy swimmers Asif Reza and Sonia Akhter won 12 gold medals in the recently concluded Bangladesh Games. Sonia alone has won 6 golds, which is the personal highest in the Games; Asif has 4 gold. There is another such gold winning couple in karate. Karateka Hossain Khan won a gold medal in the singles crocodile as well as in the men’s team category. His wife Humaira Akhter won gold in the under-61 kg category.

Bangladesh Games has spread the golden light in the family of Al Amin-Zahura Khatun. The couple, however, took part in two different games. In boxing, Al Amin won gold in the boys’ 64kg light welter category. In the 8 kg weight class of Zahura gold weightlifting.

The Asif-Sonia couple has been thrilled with the Bangladesh Games since their marriage on February 5. This was their first national event after marriage. Sonia’s first event in the Games was the 800m freestyle. Asif was on the edge of the pool that day to win his wife, so loudly, ‘I stood by the pool at the last minute and started shouting so loudly that everyone was watching me, except for swimming.’ “I told Sonia, if I win gold, I will pay two thousand rupees,” said Asif. Sonia also started the games after winning gold. However, he has not received the bet money yet, “I have not paid the money yet, I will take it from him when I go home on holiday.”

Boxer Al Amin and weightlifter Zahura Khatun with gold medals
Boxer Al Amin and weightlifter Zahura Khatun with gold medals
There is no other story in the family of Hossain-Humaira except karate. Hossain was the coach of Humaira, who won gold in the 2019 Kathmandu SA Games. In September last year, he made that coach his life partner. Hiding the secret of Humaira’s success is also in fulfilling her dream of getting close to her loved ones. Performance is also improving in this regard. I only watch fighting videos on my mobile phone all day. ‘

Asif-Sonia painted the symbol of love and victory in the pool
Asif-Sonia painted the symbol of love and victory in the pool
Al Amin met Zahura at the 2013 Bangladesh Games. Who knew then, the couple would build a ‘golden world’ in the next session. Married in 2019 after five years of love. This is the first time they have played at the national level after marriage. Interestingly, both won gold on the same day, but in two cities. Zahura took charge in the morning of April 6 in Mymensingh. Al Amin entered the ring at the Mohammad Ali Boxing Stadium in Dhaka in the afternoon. After winning gold at the beginning of the day, Zahura did not want to waste time, ‘I won gold. But I was worried about what he would do. ‘Of course, Al Amin also had a golden smile in the afternoon.

The two had training camps in two places at two times. Al Amin used to come to Dhaka on a motorcycle with his wife from Keraniganj to practice. After finishing the practice in the afternoon, they would return together. As they shared the pain, now they are also sharing the joy. Zahura said, ‘I told him before the games, I have to eat if I can win gold. After winning the gold, he fed me in an Indian restaurant. ‘Al Amin, of course, is waiting for a bigger’ dao ‘. Both of them are getting big financial rewards from Bangladesh Ansar. He has put his share in the prize of his wife! ‘I have heard that Ansar will give a bonus of one lakh rupees. He has already asked for money to buy a new bike, ”said Zahura with a smile.

This is how I understand the golden world! Filled with laughter, joy and happiness.