May 16, 2021


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Govinda did not act in the avatar

Popular Bollywood actor Govinda Avatar has turned down the movie offer. Govinda had to turn down the offer of the film as it was not possible for him to act with body paint for a long time. Not only that, he also gave the name of the film, said the popular Bollywood actor in an Indian television interview.

Govindar appeared in movies in the late eighties. In the nineties, he was intoxicated with humorous dialogue and dance. Many blockbuster hits have been gifted. So far, Govinda has acted in more than 120 movies.

While Govinda was having a great time in Hindi cinema, he got an offer to act in James Cameron’s ‘Avatar’. He turned down the offer. However, he not only rejected ‘Avatar’ but also the popular Hindi movies like Gaddar, Chandni, Tal and Devdas. He left these pictures due to lack of time. Govinda did not do the work even though he wanted to due to the complexity of the busy schedule.

“I was asked for 410 days for the movie ‘Avatar’,” the actor said in a program presented by Rajat Sharma on an Indian television channel in 2019. I was told to use blue paint all over my body. I did not agree with either.

So in the end I didn’t work on this movie which made the highest income in Hollywood. But when I made the movie I told James Cameron it would be a superhit. And his name is also given to me. After hearing the story, I realized that it is a great story. If the audience will pull. That’s it.

After this TV show of Govinda, of course, he also became a laughing stock through social media. Bollywood’s ‘Hero Number One’ has been the victim of trolls, mimes and satire on social media.

Talking to netizens about the remarks, Govinda said, “I know many people think that a comedian Govinda turned down James Cameron’s movie offer. I respect their thinking. But I also see a lot of skepticism about how I get this offer.

I want to ask them, how can a tea shopkeeper be rich? Or how can a television actor act in a movie? All this is impossible. I have no problem if you don’t believe me. But you can never question my qualifications.