May 16, 2021


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Mehzabin’s new record

She has already proved herself as a versatile actress by turning this condemnation into a success. This time, the actress is ahead of everyone in terms of judging YouTube views. I was talking about superstar Mehzabin Chowdhury, who is a unique name on the television screen. More newsThe best gift is the time spent for me: MehzabinI have no problem with costars: MehzabinI don’t know if I will make a movie at all: Mehzabin

The play ‘Big Boy’ directed by Mizanur Rahman Aryan reached the milestone of the first crore views in the history of Bengali drama. Through this play, Mehzabin Chowdhury reached another level with the audience in 2016 by teaming up with Ziaul Farooq Apurba.

Since then, it seems to be gradually shining. Starting from that. After that, the superstar is showing a lot of surprises from the point of view of each other. He is the first drama actor in Bangladesh whose 20 plays have been viewed more than 10 million times on YouTube, which is the highest for any actor so far. They are: Big Boy, Left Side of Chest, Batch 27 – The Last Page, Tom and Jerry, Daughter of Science, Boy of Arts, If You Knew, Be Good Too Letter, Pink Shirt, First Love, My Wife, Artist, Love Versus Crush, Unexpected Story, Candy Crush and Just You.


Besides, there are 14 plays at the doorstep of crores, which have crossed ninety lakhs. They are – waiting for you, fashion, dear you, the story is yours, how long after the meeting, mind for you, best friend, change of mind, Charu’s marriage, viral girl, wife, flat B2, partner and fan.

There are 6 dramas that have crossed eighty lakhs. Such as- unemployed, happy and sad, marriage, dream girl, sunglasses, identity, for your love and Mr. Boyfriend. On the other hand, the actress has 93 plays in the viewing house which has crossed half a crore.

Mehjabin has achieved this impeccable feat in just eleven years of his career. It is as if he is constantly challenging himself and moving forward at a relentless pace as his own rival.

Mehzabin is quite excited about such an achievement. Mehzabin Chowdhury told Bangladesh Journal on Saturday afternoon, “I became today’s Mehzabin but because of the love of the audience.” They’re always encouraging me to do better, and that’s what I’m trying to do.

I am very happy to think that the audience sees my work. After seeing them, they reacted in various ways. It is their love that always inspires me to do good deeds. I wish they would always get this love.

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13th grade of all primary assistant teachers in the field has not been implemented. As a result, many teachers are suffering financially. In this context, Director General of the Department of Primary Education Alamgir Muhammad Mansurul Alam has directed to implement 13th grade.

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On Monday, the DPE sent instructions through a field circular to implement the 13th pay grade determination program. It was signed by DPE DG Mansurul Alam.

According to the directive, the salary scale of government primary school assistant teachers was upgraded to 13th grade on February 9, 2020. Ibus ++ was added in February 2021. Then the opportunity to determine the salary from the district, upazila and DDO ID. Letters have been submitted to the Ibas ++ Project Office to add the option of setting a salary scale for teachers with less than a bachelor’s or equivalent degree in software. Initiatives have also been taken to add it. But even then, at the field level, the Upazila Education Office has not completed the determination of salaries on the improved pay scale of teachers.

For this reason, the Department of Primary Education has divided the work between the Upazila Education Office, the District Education Office and the Divisional Education Office.

Duties of Upazila Education Office

The names of the teachers, names of the schools, dates of joining, national identity card numbers, current salary grades, records etc. should be acknowledged and sent to the Upazila / District Accounts Office by 28th April.

The accounting office has to complete this activity by May 5. After that, how many teachers have been promoted to the pay scale, how many have not done it or if anyone has any problem, the report should be sent to the district primary education office by May 7.

Duties of District Primary Education Office

After compiling the information given by the Upazila Education Officer, the district based report should be sent to the office of the respective Deputy Director by 9th May. The district-wise detailed report should then be sent to the Director (Finance) of the Department of Primary Education by May 10.

After that, the 13th grade determination has been properly implemented and the director has been directed to send the money by hardcopy or soft copy or email to the address of the Department of Primary Education by May 10.

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