May 16, 2021


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Sushant’s lover next to the helpless

Lover Riya Chakraborty is going through a difficult time after the death of late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Even in such a situation, he is giving the message of help by standing by the people during the difficult time of this epidemic of Corona. He has come forward to serve the people as much as he can.| More news
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The Bollywood actress recently wrote in a story post on Instagram, ‘Unity is needed in difficult times. Please help those who can. Small or big, help is help. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I will try my best. Take care of yourself, be affectionate. ‘

Riya was first picked up on social media after the death of her boyfriend Sushant. Various types of trolls, memes, sneers came towards him. Even on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, some of the netizens raised questions about the rear family and education. But this time he has come forward with the help of people by using that net media.

Actor Alamgir was attacked by Corona. He is currently undergoing treatment at Green Life Hospital in the capital. Now he is much healthier, said his wife and legendary singer Runa Laila.

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Alamgir was hospitalized after being infected with corona
Confirming the information on a Facebook status on Monday afternoon, Runa Laila wrote that Mr. Alamgir is now completely healthy. Starting from the doctor of the hospital, everyone is giving him round-the-clock care.

Many thanks to friends, colleagues, fans who have prayed for her recovery.

Some news portals and YouTube channels are spreading various false information about Alamgir. Runa Laila got angry about this. “I am deeply shocked by the actions of some vindictive people who are spreading completely baseless and false news about Mr. Alamgir,” he wrote.

I don’t understand the reason behind spreading such malicious news for some notoriety and sensationalism. Only sick and perverted minds are coming down so low to increase their cuts.

“I have made a note of those who are spreading such false information on Facebook and YouTube channels and will soon take strict legal action against them,” he added.

Busyness has already started in Natangan around Eid. The producers and crew are shooting according to the hygiene rules.

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Lockdown: The shooting of the drama will follow the hygiene rules
It is learned that the shooting of a serial drama of 6 episodes is going on in Mauna near Dhaka. The name of the play is ‘Last Ball’. It is managed by Adivasi Mizan. Salahuddin Lavlu, Akhm Hasan, Tanha Tasnia, Shamima Nazneen, Jamil Hossain and others are acting here.

Apart from this, Tanha will act in another play with Saladin Lavlu whose name has not been finalized. Indigenous Mizan will also manage it.

Tanha Tasnia said, “I am working in the shooting spot as much as possible following the hygiene rules.” One of the two dramas here is an 8-episode series and the other is one hour long. Both have Lavlu brothers. It would be nice to work with him. I can learn a lot.

Tanha said that apart from these two dramas, he will start shooting a few more dramas for Eid.