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Multiple websites claim to offer free iTunes gift card and codes. But, the issue is that most of these sites are not authentic. Actually, some are absolutely scam and fake. These fake sites take you through a time consuming and lengthy process with their eventual objective of getting the personal information for the exchange of a lead. Even, some sites ask you to download malware which results in slowing down of your devices. Choosing an official website where you can find free iTunes gift card and codes can be demanding. That’s why we offer a non-intrusive and convenient option.

Before discussing free iTunes codes, let us talk about iTunes first.


Introduction to iTunes:

iTunes initiated out something through which anyone could play CDs and MP3s on the computer. However, there is a lot more than it. It is complicated, but a great tool that has various things to provide you. Through iTunes, the content on IOS devices is handled; it is a software application on Apple’s site, which is free to download. Hence, it is not all about loading your iOS device. It is an entire system of media management that is all about organizing your audiobooks, podcasts, video, and music. It can also manage your iBooks and iOS applications.


How to install iTunes on your Mac?

Now, Apple does not offer iTunes on the compact disc with iPhone, iPods, and iPads. In spite of this, you need to download it from their site. However, with Mac, it is not necessary to download it. On almost all the Macs, iTunes comes preloaded. It is present by default on Mac OS X. but, you will need to download and do an entire reinstallation after deleting once. Here are the steps to do:

Go to the official site of Apple® iTunes®. The website will spot your Mac and offer you the latest version.

Before clicking on the ‘Download Now’ button, it is vital to add your Email Address.

The iTunes installer will start downloading and afterward, it pops up automatically.

Check out the introductory screens, hit on “Agree” to the terms and conditions and click on the ‘Install’ button.

There will appear a new window that requires the username and password of your computer (not that of your iTunes account). Add both things and click on ‘OK.’

Your computer will start installing the program. Then, you can launch it from the dock.

How to install iTunes on your Windows?

Create an Account from your iPhone or iPod Touch. Create Account using iTunes.

Go to iTunes® download page from your browser and start downloading iTunes. Before starting to download it, make sure that you are using the latest version of your computer/PC, as the site can spots the version of your Windows automatically.

Enter your Email Address and click on the ‘Download Now’ icon.

You have two options. You can save or run the installer from the window that appears on the screen. You can save it if you want to install it at some other time while choose running the driver, and it will initiate the process of installation right away.

Click on the introductory screens, choose ‘Agree’ to the terms and conditions and click on the icon of ‘Continue.’

After clicking on ‘Finish’ icon, you need to restart your computer/PC for the completion of installation. You can do it at that time or later if you wish.


Creating an iTunes Account:

The iTunes account is also called as Apple ID. This account is among the most versatile and useful things you need if you have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. It can allow you to buy apps, movies, and songs at iTunes, use iCloud, iTunes Match, and iMessage etc. With multiple advantages, having an account of iTunes is significant. It is quite easy for creating your free iTunes account. You can make the account through three numerous ways like:

On the Web

From an iOS device

In iTunes

Authorizing other Computers in iTunes

If you like using media such as audio books, TV shows, and movies got from the iTunes store, all you need is permitting your computer to play them. Every iTunes account can authorize up to 5 computers at maximum. The first PC that gets authorization is the one that you buy on the media. Other computers’ approval can be done through the following steps:

Add the files you want to access to the new computer. Here you can use multiple options such as using an external drive, iPod copy programs, or Home Sharing etc.

Move the files into the other iTunes library and double-click on them. In spite of playing, a new window of iTunes pops up, allowing you to grant the permission of the computer authorization.

You will need to sign in to your iTunes account.

After adding the correct account info, the computer will get authorization, and the file can be played within no time.


Key Features of iTunes:

iTunes offers impressive capabilities and features; here are some of the desirable and popular ones:

iCloud and iTunes Match:

Apple initiated iCloud back in 2011. Basically, it is a service which includes multiple other apps. Such involve iTunes-in-the-Cloud and the most renowned iTunes Match. iTunes Match is a service which stores your iTunes library on iCloud. iTunes provides you with sync containing a web-based version of the library.

Import Files into iTunes:

If you have a collection of files, import them into iTunes. You can access quickly and play them from iTunes – a single place.

Keep Organized your Media Folder:

It will keep organized all the media files as well. For instance, you will stay organized your music files, showing related information such as ALBUM, ARTIST, and TRACK name. TV shows will have the same chat, along with revealing the info such as EPISODE Name, SEASON, and SHOW.

Import CDs into the iTunes:

iTunes will spot the CD that you insert into the device. All the information is apparent, and it will ask if you wish to import the CD. iTunes help in supporting different formats such as MP3, AIFF, Apple Lossless, WAV, and AAC.

iTunes Store:

For everything digital, it is all relevant to Apple’s one-stop-shop. The iTunes Store is easy to navigate and simple to use. You can buy games, books, TV shows, movies, apps, video, music, and more. On buying them, they are downloaded and included in the iTunes library automatically.

Moreover, download the rent movies and podcasts. There is also existing free content. Pre-order the gift things and items such as movies, music, and apps etc.

What Do We Offer?

Our site permits you to get free iTunes gift card and codes in multiple denominations. You can choose the codes that range from 10 dollars, 25 dollars, 50 dollars, and 100 dollars. Also, you can avail the codes, and there is no limit on the number of time you obtain the codes for gift cards. On our servers, all the required processes are done, not on your devices. It means it is not necessary to download anything, and there is no risk. The webmaster of the website updates the codes automatically as the finances allow.


How Does It Work?

It is simple to get your code; there are three easy steps:

Hit on the icon of ‘generator’ on the top of the page

It will direct you to the generator page

Click on Display Code’ on the generator page.

You will get the code within 5 seconds. It is a fast process, and it will provide you with multiple codes as you need through refreshing the webpage. If your code is already used or is not working, you can try other codes; there is a chance that the codes you can try might be used. In a similar case, you need to wait for the webmaster to include more card codes to the database. The requirements for our codes are high, so it is essential to keep on checking when the latest codes are updated to the site. Also, you can get an update of codes by following us on social media accounts.

Features of Free iTunes Gift Card and Codes:

Let us talk about the reasons why our method is the best.

No Downloads Required

There is no need to download viruses or adware that can harm your device


Make an image of a scratched code through our generator hassle-free and fast


The available cards are in 10 dollars, 25 dollars, 50 dollars, and 100 dollars denominations.

It’s On the House

Yes, it is right; they are Free Codes. We will give iTunes gift card and codes for free.

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Seek Authentic iTunes Gift Card and Codes

Today, you will see a lot of websites that claim to provide you with iTunes gift cards and codes. We all know, many of them are not real. For no apparent reason, there are chances that you will waste your essential time. Most individuals spend a lot of time searching for iTunes codes on the internet to end up having nothing. But you should be happy because you are in the right place.


Why Are We Giving iTunes Gift Card and Codes?

It is a basic query that anyone can ask, right? We all know that thousands of users spend most of their time looking for online free iTunes codes. We are also aware that a lot of individuals who find it demanding to pay the amount for different forms of entertainment such as apps, TV shows, movies, and music. That’s the reason why we created this website. We are offering this service for free that aims at assisting with the struggling people. Our code generator extends the database of the already existing iTunes codes. Then, you can redeem the codes which you got in the iTunes Store using the iTunes account.


Why Should You Use Our Free iTunes Gift Card and Code Generator?

Here are the reasons why you should use the free iTunes gift card and code generator:

Safe to Use:

It is totally harmless to use. We never ask you for installing anything as everything is web-based here. There is no need to download malware or viruses into your device.


You can trust us. We are providing free iTunes codes for some time nowadays. Almost all of them are happy with the excellent service they see while using our code generators, suggesting it to other family members and friends.

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We have legit codes on our website. Our code generator has been analyzed and verified to work, making free iTunes codes that are usable and legitimate. Before the generation of any code, it is scanned for checking its usability and validity.

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It is quite simple to use. Making use of our service is easy. Thanks to the intuitive user interface, it does not involve more than 5 minutes.

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Our generator has an increased success rate. Although every code is actually bought, the service takes pride in its success rate; it is nothing else than promising.

Avail, Even More Codes, Using Our Amazing Free iTunes Codes Services

You can use this website from any device, including Macs, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Every day, our database get updated with the new codes, which enable the site to get unlimited iTunes codes. You should be confident you will avail the codes which are legit and valid. With these codes, there is no need to spend a lot of money to get the games, video content, music, movies and TV shows as well.

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