September 23, 2021


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Something about autism

The arrival of a child in the family means joy and exhilaration. When this child grows up, all kinds of activities of the child make the whole family very happy. When this child does everything differently from all the other children, then naturally everyone gets worried. Autism is a disorder that is affecting more and more children and parents. In our society now such children are very easily seen. Not every one of them is the same type. Each person is born with different characteristics. For example, someone is born with speech delay, someone is less focused, someone is much more restless, someone is born with other problems. In most cases, they are more restless than other children. The parents of these children of ours do not understand what to do to reduce their restlessness and inattention. In a word, their condition will improve. I would like to say to all those parents that one thing is very important for all these children, which many parents in our country do not know. That is their food.
The food of all these children is completely different from other children. This food is special food for them. These children have a blood allergy called food intolerance, which hinders their development. These children are also deficient in some vitamins and minerals. There are some ingredients in food that cause allergies. The foods are gluten, casein. Most children have intolerance to all these elements. Foods that are intolerant to children are prohibited for them. If parents follow these foods, they will improve. It will be very difficult to believe or accept this. But it has to be done with their improvement in mind.

It’s not just that forbidden food. Since they are deficient in vitamins and minerals, they need to eat more vitamin-rich foods. Bernard Rimland of the Institute for Child Behavior Research in San Diego, California, found that vitamin B6, C, and magnesium supplements improved children’s symptoms of autism. These children have enzymatic defects, which can fix omega-3 fats. And this element is found in marine fish. So these should be eaten in large quantities. Even these fats improve their behavior, mood, attention and quick talk.

These children also have abnormal glucose levels in their blood, which can lead to an increase in hyperactivity. Therefore, these children need to eat less carbohydrates to reduce their instability.
They also need to eat more fruits. Such bananas are good for them. Because bananas contain potassium, which helps increase their concentration. Coconut water and other vitamin C fruits. Almonds are very beneficial for them. All these foods must be adhered to, especially in the case of these children. Then their condition will improve. Such as talking fast, increasing attention, overcoming behavioral problems, etc. These children also have different diet plans due to their different problems. So it is better to consult an autism nutritionist to know more about their diet.