July 25, 2021


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Infection will be reduced in three initiatives

Pathology, Disease Control and Research Institute (IEDCR) advisor and public health expert. Mushtaq Hossain said, “We have been fighting with Corona for more than a year. We all know what to do. Isolation should be ensured for those who have already been infected. Hygiene rules must be followed. And to reduce the risk of death should be vaccinated. It is possible to bring Corona under control through these three initiatives. ‘He further told Bangladesh Pratidin yesterday,’ Those infected should be brought under control. Ninety percent of those infected have mild symptoms. They need to ensure isolation. Treatment must be arranged and Asad’s quarantine must be confirmed in his contact. If necessary, they have to cooperate with daily necessities, medicines. Hygiene rules must be followed to survive from unknown sources. No more people can be crammed in the closet. If there is a fan or AC in it, then the corona spreads very fast. ‘ Mushtaq Hossain added, “You can’t go outside unnecessarily. Public gatherings, social events must be stopped. Social distance and hygiene must be observed in the workplace. Must wear after mask. Institutional authorities need to increase surveillance. When entering the office from outside, you have to wash your hands with soap or handwash. You have to get vaccinated with all these things. Vaccination does not reduce the complications of the infected person. This will reduce the risk of death.

Former President Professor of Medicine Professor. AQM Badruddoza Chowdhury said, ‘Corona infection has started to increase again since the beginning of March. But hygiene is not being followed. People are walking in the market without shopping. There is no alternative to using a mask to avoid corona. I think it is possible to control 80-90 percent of corona infections if you use the mask properly. ‘ We must abide by the guidelines of the National Technical Advisory Committee. In particular, everyone must wear a mask. I think corona control is largely possible with the use of masks. The government has to take strict action in this regard. I will tell everyone to follow the rules of health declared by the World Health Organization. Adhere to social distance. If necessary, clean your hands with soap when you go out. Social events, picnics, and concerts were cut short as coronary infections declined. Crowds, huddles were neglected hygiene. As a result, the infection rate has started to increase recklessly.