September 26, 2021


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The first ship landed at a private jetty

The cargo ship was unloaded for the first time at the jetty of Karnafuli Dry Dock Limited on Tuesday afternoon. After unloading at the jetty, the ship began unloading old iron pieces of raw material from the rod in the afternoon. This is the first step taken by the port of Chittagong to reduce the congestion of imported cargo ships at private jetties.
There are two jetties of Karnafuli Dry Dock at Anwara on the south bank of Karnafuli river. An under construction. Construction of another jetty was completed this month. Today, for the first time since the completion of construction, the ship named ‘MV Dina Ocean’ was launched. The 154-meter-long ship brought 15,221 tons of old pieces of iron from Japan.
MA Rashid, managing director of Karnafuli Dry Dock Limited, told Prothom Alo that the JTO under construction will be ready this month. Then two ships can be loaded together. It can accommodate 10-12 ships per month at the two jetties. The 160-meter-long ship is being used for loading at the jetty next month.
The shipwreck has been going on for several months due to the increasing import of goods through Chittagong port. In particular, some ships carrying ordinary cargo have not been allotted jetties after waiting for several weeks. In this situation, the port has taken initiative to bring all the jetties of government and non-government organizations on both sides of Karnafuli river. As part of this initiative, ships were loaded at this jetty in the first phase.

The ship, which was unloaded at a private jetty on Tuesday, was carrying raw materials from Japan’s steel company BSRM Group.
The ship, which was unloaded at a private jetty on Tuesday, brought raw material from Japan’s steel company BSRM Group. After it was unloaded, nine ships were anchored at the harbor.
When asked, BSRM Group Deputy Managing Director Tapan Sengupta told Prothom Alo, “This is a very good move by the port. Because of the lack of a jetty, we had to wait a long time at the outer anchorage. This step will reduce the clutter even a little bit. Using this jetty will cost a little more to take the goods to the factory by detour than to the port. Even then, the lack of raw materials will not disrupt production in the factory.
The port has been using the jetty at Chittagong Dry Dock, a naval-run ship repair company, for several years due to congestion. In addition, specialized jetties of a few other government agencies were occasionally used separately according to the demand of the importer.
Rear Admiral M Shahjahan, chairman of the port, recently told Prothom Alo that the initiative was taken so that the ship would not have to wait at the outer anchorage despite the increasing pressure to import goods. All the specialized jetties of government and non-government organizations are being brought under use in phases.