August 6, 2021


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Public notice for recruitment of 54 thousand teachers

The Private Teacher Registration and Certification Authority (NTRCA) has published the third public notification for the recruitment of teachers in the country’s private educational institutions. This public notification of teacher recruitment recommendation has been published on Tuesday (March 30) afternoon.

Applications will start on April 4 to get recruitment recommendations for more than 54,000 entry level posts in private schools-colleges, madrasas and technical education institutions. Candidates will be able to apply online from 10 am on April 4. Candidates will have the opportunity to apply till 12 noon on April 30.

NTRCA said in a press release that online applications are being invited from candidates interested in becoming teachers on the basis of the following vacant posts at entry level in private educational institutions across the country. The application will start on April 4.

Out of 54,304 vacancies, there are 31,101 vacancies at school and college level. Of these, 26,737 are MPO registered posts. There are 20,998 vacancies in madrasas and technical institutes. Of these, 19,154 are MPO registered. Out of a total of 54,304 posts, 2,207 MPO posts will be open to candidates who have participated in the writ petition.

Interested candidates can apply through or website. You have to fill the form properly and submit it online. After submitting the form, the candidates will be informed about the next instructions including sending money by sending an SMS to the mobile phone. The application fee has been fixed at 100 rupees.

It has been said in the public release that the candidates who have attained the age of 35 before the issuance of the MPO policy on June 12, 2018, will also get the opportunity to apply.

Indexed teachers who are working in private educational institutions with registration certificate can also apply for recruitment online. However, their applications for appointment will be disposed of on the basis of national merit list like other candidates. For details visit or