April 15, 2021


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Interviews, jobs and BCS

The rules of the job in my country (or any country in any part of the world) should be based on merit and qualifications. If I hire an accountant, I will check how far his accounting skills are. ‘Can the discount on the product be deducted from the revenue or from the hardship of Goods Sold Account?’ That should be the normal rule. In addition, whether he will be able to adapt to my corporate culture, whether it will be difficult to manage, etc. must be understood from the type of conversation. This is the rule of normal interview in a civilized country.

Like I started a new job at a new company this month. I ended the seven-and-a-half-year sweet relationship with the previous company myself. Why? Because, my previous company has been sold to another company. Corporate America is a very common phenomenon. Big fish eat small fish. So many days we have grown up buying other companies, this time we have become victims.

The first thing that happens in these cases is that the new management comes and retires some old employees. The upper level management switches. If you are very lucky your job will not be anything. But it turns out to be a lottery with a lot of luck. That’s why I overcame my emotions and moved on to find a new job. Also keep in mind, the state of the economy is very bad at the moment. You can’t find a job if you want to. I stayed with the office for seven and a half years showing love, then they said goodbye to me, then it can be hard to find a job. I did not take this risk anymore.

That was my job interview on the phone. Because of the Corona epidemic, everyone is now working from home. Usually people do zoom interviews. But the day I was interviewed, I was interviewed on the phone because of a snowstorm in Dallas.


The job market for young people is not growing. However, every year thousands of job-seeking young people get jobs by showing skills, but a large part of them are not getting jobs due to lack of necessary skills.
The job market for young people is not growing. However, every year thousands of job-seeking young people get jobs by showing skills, but a large part of them are not getting jobs due to lack of necessary skills. First Light File Photo
Talked about various issues. What software do they work with, what do we work with, what is their office environment like, what is mine and so on. Since many people now give or take job interviews, I am sharing some important parts of my experience. I hope it will come in handy. I have arrived. Alhamdulillah! Everything is God’s will. Write another article about this whole incident separately. For now, I am focused on today’s topic. I got it in one with only two interviews. I did not fail in the other. The manager said bluntly, ‘I like you very much, but we are looking for an accountant who has experience working with software developers. Simply put, Accountant + Business Analyst. ‘

Lately people with this experience are in great demand. If someone has not finished their studies yet, then I would say that you can also do a few computer related courses with accounting finance as a minor. Learn SQL Code Language. This is the future of the field.
A very common question in the interview is, ‘Tell me something about yourself.’

There seems to be a very innocent question, but there is a trick here. If you start talking about your wife and baby pets, then you are excluded. If you want to talk about yourself, you must talk about your profession. You need to talk about your studies, career, successes, failures and how you overcame your failures. Don’t forget to start a private conversation. Don’t say anything that is not related to work. As you are a fiction writer, have your books on the market. Your story has killed people. But there is no contact with him in accounting. It doesn’t matter to the manager. So there is no need to raise this issue. But yes, if the manager himself says that he likes to read fiction books, then don’t forget to raise this issue.
Again, you are such a scholar that you have written a book on accounting called ‘Accounting in Simple Language’, ‘The Nuts of Accounting’ or something like that. But then your primary focus will be to bring up the topic of this book and talk about it. Because ‘Bangladesh is looking for you’!
Got it?

Another common question is what are your strengths and weaknesses?
If you say I have no weaknesses, they will assume you are not willing to admit your weaknesses. So you omit. You must acknowledge your weaknesses (be professional, if you say ‘beautiful woman’s smile is my weakness’ then say goodbye) and at the same time say what you have done to cover that weakness. As you can tell, I’ve never worked with such and such software. So I took some classes, learned and hopefully I will master it in the next few weeks.
What is ‘energy’? They will answer based on what they want. Like they want someone who is good at Excel. You can fry Excel formulas, pivots, etc. in public. You will continue to do so. They want a team player. You also like to work in groups. You say that. Can’t? In this case, you will read the job requirements well.

Another common question, why do you want us to join here?
Don’t say in your life that I need a job.