May 16, 2021


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Initiative to recruit 2500 nurses in Corona soon

The government will recruit 2,500 nurses on an emergency basis due to the deteriorating situation in the country. After receiving instructions in this regard from the higher echelons of the government, the Ministry of Health has given instructions to the Public Service Commission (PSC) in this regard. The PSC suspended the appointment on March 31 due to Corona. Now it has taken steps to end the emergency.

When asked, PSC sources in the Ministry of Health said that since the date of the examination has been given once before, the examination will be taken very soon with less time for the examination. The Ministry of Health has written to the PSC and asked it to take necessary action. PSC sources confirmed the matter and said that they have started preparations to take the test in less time. This will be informed at the commission meeting soon. Exam date will also be given.

On March 31, the Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) postponed the written test for the post of Senior Staff Nurse of the Department of Nursing and Midwifery under the Ministry of Health. The written test for the 10th grade post was scheduled to be held on April 10. The written test of senior staff nurses in 15 centers of the capital was to be held from 1 pm to 4 pm that day.

According to the PSC, it was decided to postpone the written test for the post of Senior Staff Nurse (10th Grade) of the Department of Nursing and Midwifery under the Ministry of Health in the current situation of coronavirus (Covid-19) infection. The changed date and time of this written examination will be informed in due course.

A notification issued on March 1 last year stated that the number of posts in senior staff nurses was 2,500. The MCQ examination for the post of Senior Staff Nurse was held on January 26. On that day, the examination was held in 21 educational institutions of the capital from 3 pm to 4 pm. PSC released the results of MCQ on 28 February. The PSC had announced the date of written examination for the 10th grade post on March 11. The written test of 15,228 candidates who passed the MCQ exam was scheduled to be held on April 10.


The selection process
Candidates have to participate in MCQ (Written) examination of 100 marks. This test had a total of 100 questions. The one-hour test included questions on Bengali, English, general knowledge, mathematics and everyday science. Candidates get 1 number for each correct answer. 0.5 number has been deducted for wrong answer. Candidates who pass the MCQ exam will have a written test of 4 hours. After that the candidates who have passed the written test will have to participate in the oral test.

Salary-Allowance and Benefits If selected through written and oral examination, a senior staff nurse and midwife will get other benefits as per the salary and rules on the scale of Tk 16,000 in the tenth grade according to the national salary scale 2015.