May 8, 2021


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Mahi has decided not to do shopping this Eid

Actress Mahiya Mahi has decided not to do Eid shopping. The number of deaths in the country is constantly increasing, including the entertainment arena in Corona. There is no alternative to staying at home without urgent need as the number of people affected by corona increases. He will not go into the crowd to keep his family and himself tax free. He has no regrets about shopping.

Mahi has decided not to do shopping this Eid

Actress Mahiya Mahi used to make Eid shopping list since her childhood. After starting acting, the acquaintance continues to grow. The list goes on and on. With that list in hand, the heroine Mahi used to run to the shopping mall wearing a burqa. He said that this Eid he is worried about the situation of himself and the neighboring country. Corona has to be in a panic about everything. Now he is not going out at all without work.

For this, shooting of four movies has been canceled. “There is no need to go to the markets as soon as the lockdown opens,” he said. The way everyone is jumping into shopping, it is scary to see them. There is no social distance in the picture. Crowds everywhere. But our corona has spread from this shopping too. Don’t want to go out shopping at this time. I’m at home. I don’t think I will do any shopping this time. ‘


Mahi has been at home since before the lockdown began. Not doing any shooting. He has to go out in short range for some movie dubbing and some Eid work. He is doing those things very carefully. Mahi said, ‘We are all suffering more or less in Corona. There is some irreparable damage, many talented people in our country are dying. Recently Korbi Apa died. Even if you want, it is not possible to make another Kabari Apa in Dhaliwade. In the upper body, the corona virus has passed from someone like us. You have to be aware of yourself to save others in this moment. We will not suffer much if we do not shop once. ‘

Mahir’s day is being spent with the family. However, when he felt very lonely, he went out for a long drive with his parents. This time Eid is in-laws’ house or at home? Mahi said my going to Corona became a bit risky for my in-laws and others in my husband’s family. My husband will come to Rajshahi on Eid day, this is how it was planned. ‘

The actress started her career in 2012 with the movie ‘Bhalobasar Rang’ produced by Jazz Multimedia. He has gained a lot of fame with the movies ‘Agni’, ‘Desha The Leader’, ‘Dabir Saheb’s Family’ and ‘Krishnapaksh’ Although he has acted in parallel in his long career, he has regrets about Eid movies. He said how many Eids a heroine gets in her career. Two years of Eid is going to Korona. I haven’t released a movie in years. Even though the movie is ready now, it is not possible to release it. There is nothing to do but accept the hardships. ‘