May 8, 2021


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Lip disease and care

If you work in the sun for a long time or when the sun shines on your lips while working, it can lead to inflammation of the lips and even squamous cell carcinoma. But there is nothing to panic about. Because if the cancer is treated in time, the patient gets better very quickly.

If you want to work in the hot sun or stay longer, you can use sunscreen if you wish. In this case SPF-30 to SPF-40 can be used. This is why many players are seen using sunscreen on their lips and face while playing cricket.

Lip folic acid deficiency can lead to birth defects. Confirm folic acid in pregnant mothers. Folic acid plays an important role during pregnancy. It is not always possible to confirm folic acid from food. For this reason, pregnant mothers should be given folic acid supplement. Adequate amounts of folic acid greatly reduce birth defects.

Even then, if the baby is born with a cut lip, it can be easily corrected through reconstruction surgery. There is no reason to think that a child with cut lips is cursed. Because it is a birth defect. In this case, the child can not be at fault. In the case of any problem in the body due to genetics, in fact no one has to do anything.

For girls who are lip allergic to lipstick use, light colored lipstick should be used instead of red lipstick. You can take anti-allergic medicines for allergic problems. A blood test can easily diagnose your disease. Beware of using fake lipstick and fake cosmetics. Fake cosmetics can cause skin cancer.

Even taking some antihypertensive drugs can cause a variety of problems and ulcers on the lips. In this case, the problem will be solved only by changing the medicine. Never bite the lip. Do not bite your loved one on the lips while kissing. This can lead to rare inflammatory diseases of the lips, which take time to heal. Extreme heat and cold can cause your lips to crack. You can use Vaseline if your lips are chapped. Glycerin can also be used.

Exfoliative cheilitis is one of the inflammatory diseases of the lips due to unnecessary lip biting and lip sucking. Cheilitis refers to inflammation of the lips. In this disease, the skin or mucous membrane on the lips becomes dry and swollen. The place looks like a wound. After drying the wound, the patient feels better. Just at that time the skin of the lips starts to rise again. That’s why never bite or suck your lips. Special steroid creams can be used in certain doses for this disease. Glycerin borax can also be used for exfoliative cheilitis or inflammation of the lips. Anti-fungal drugs can be taken. Hydrogen peroxide mouthwash should be used. Vitamin D can be taken. Everything will depend on your personal physician.

Girls who use dark colored lipstick will pick up the lipstick before going to bed. Otherwise black spots will fall on the lips. Then your lips will not look good. In boys, the lips may be black or dark in color. In these cases 2% hydroquinone cream can be used as per the doctor’s advice. It is approved by the FDA.

Those who have dry lips most of the time can apply natural honey on the lips if they wish. Honey removes lip stains a little. Honey should be applied at bedtime. The lips should be washed well in the morning. If the lips are ever swollen or watery lips should be consulted as soon as possible. However, if it is late to take the advice of a doctor, anti-allergic medicine should be taken. In this case dezloratidine can be taken. This may require steroids.

Everyone should remember one thing, there are no sweat glands or sweat glands under the lips. This is why the lips become dry. The result is to use petroleum jelly in winter. Lack of vitamin B2 or riboflavin can cause sores in the corners of the lips. The herpes virus can also cause ulcers on the lips. In this case, it may be necessary to apply antiviral cream.

If the lips and tongue turn blue, the idea is that the amount of oxygen in your body can be reduced. If the lips or tongue are slightly blue during the current epidemic, the pulse oximeter should be used as soon as possible to check the amount of oxygen saturation in your blood. If less than normal, seek medical advice as soon as possible. The lips are a sensitive part. Proper lip care should be taken and lip disease should not be neglected.