September 23, 2021


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The identity of the young man who wants to marry Poppy

A young man named Zico has sent a letter to the local media proposing marriage to the actress Poppy. He also added his phone number to the typed letter. Ziko was contacted through a letter.

Did the letter go to Poppy? Zico asked such a question at the beginning of the conversation. The full name of the young man who wanted to marry Poppy. Mahasin Sarkar (Ziko). His house is at Mohanpur of Ullapara police station in Sirajganj district. Zico was born in 1984.

Why do you want to marry Poppy to have so many heroines? When asked, Zico said in one word, ‘Needed’. When asked again, he said, “I need him very much.”

Have you liked Poppy since childhood? In response to such a question, Zico said, ‘Lately. For three years. ‘

During the conversation, Zico said that he has two trucks. Besides, he has a shop selling electronics products in Bogra. In the letter, Zico wrote, “Poppy, I belong to the BNP party, I have a lot of power.”

Asked what stage he was at in the BNP, the young man said, “I am at a stage. If I want to know the name of the MP, Zico Saf said, so much cannot be said. Party matters.

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If Poppy agrees to marry, where will you stay with Poppy? In response to such a question, Zico said, ‘I will stay in Bogra, I will also stay in Dhaka. I will stay where Poppy agrees. ‘

In the letter, Zico wrote, ‘Poppy I love you so much. I will marry you Love more than my life. I am a BNP member, I have a lot of power. I will make you an MP from BNP. You will go to Parliament as an MP. You have had many dreams in your life. Will be the wife of an industrialist or DC. Your dream has not come true. You marry a street boy in accordance with the law of God’s destiny. You may think that politics is bad. I don’t do anything bad, I do business. ‘

Mentioning that Zico is younger than Poppy, he further writes, ‘Poppy, there is nothing to be proud of in the small world. I will never disobey a word of yours. Just the way you are going. I will never give you a touch of flowers. Talk to me on the phone no matter how busy you are. ‘